When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Christmas Magic


Well the baking has been done and the tree has been completed and most of the presents have been bought. I still have a couple of more things to buy, but for the most part, it is done - Hurray!!!!!

I promised I wouldn't go overboard this year with the children. It is my daughter's first Christmas, and I tried really, really hard. But I have a feeling I may have went over budget a teeny tiny amount. Ok, probably a lot, but that's ok. I am such a sucker when it comes to Christmas.

I am so excited for my own children now. I spent this morning explaining to my son about how Santa delivers his gifts. He asked me how Santa can fit down such a tiny chimney. My three year old son is already on the ball. I told him that Santa is magical and can do lots of magical things to deliver all his gifts around the world in one night, including fitting down our chimney.

Christmas Count down


This past week has been such a blur. Christmas is almost here and my tree is still in the middle of being decorated, my gifts are not wrapped, and I still have people to shop for.

Each day I get up with my son and daughter and vow that this will be the day that I catch up with my "to do" list for Christmas. I had even planned to bake shortbread cookies for the family and pass out to friends....however I can't seem to make it to the kitchen to actually bake them.

Tis the Season


This morning I drove around my area picking up donations for the Food Bank. My mom was able to help me out and people were so generous and thankful. It is the least I could do, as I have a mini van, and I can certainly make the time. The WhiteRock/South Surrey Food Bank is located on 24th avenue and I was so impressed to see so many people donating their time to put together boxes for others in need and just helping out. I hope people remember that it isn't just at Christmas that we should be donating - but all year through.

Happy New Year!


On the Eve of what is another year gone, and another year to be - I can't help but reflect on all the wonderful things that has happened this past year. 2006 was full of suprises (including me having a girl!), getting a syndicated opinion column, and launching my business to help other moms like me. I am more settled in my life than I have ever been and I wonder what 2007 has in store. I do know that January is going to be a very busy month with the upcoming lunch and learn with Sandra Wilson of Robeez, my daughter's first birthday and a quick trip to Las Vegas at the end of January with my husband.

Welcome to the New Site


My new site is finally up and running! I am really excited about it as it has been in the developing stages for some time.

I want moms to really feel like this is a site not only where they can read up on parenting articles and check out the next inspirational workshop, but also be able to know that they aren’t alone in their struggles with motherhood. I may not be a psychologist but I do have one thing going for me – and that’s being a mom. And if I can help one other mom out there with any of the issues that she is facing, then my company will have been a success. Moms helping moms – that’s what it’s all about.

Down Time


The past couple of days has been really nice with my children - just unwinding from all the excitement of Christmas. My son really enjoyed all his gifts from Santa. He also loved seeing the note Santa left for him, with all the cookie crumbs left behind on the "Santa" plate. This Christmas my son seemed to understand a lot more about it, and about it also being the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I don't want to overdue it with too much information for him - but I do want him to understand the reason we celebrate the day (not just about Santa and getting gifts).

Santa Claus


Well Christmas Eve has come and gone and it has been an amazing night for my son and daughter. My son was so excited on Christmas Eve, to open up his gifts from us and from the rest of the family. He expecially loved the garbage truck that I got for him (it was an after thought - and a good one too!) My daughter who is only eleven months old, was right in there, ripping up the gifts....but she was overwhelmed by everything. She loved the bows on the gifts so much, that she kept ripping them off everyone's gifts and running off with them.