When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Days Like This


Every now and then despite the sleepless nights with my daughter or the early morning wake up call with my son, I find myself thinking how lucky I am to wake up with my children and get to be with them the whole day. And yes, even though there is no shut off time for me and I rarely am able to put two hours together for myself for "mommy time" because they are still very young and need me here  (my husband is good, but let's face it - no one can really replace mommy) - it is still all worth it.



For those of you who weren't able to make it to the Lunch and Learn with Sandra Wilson - check out the pics on the Workshop page - it was a ton of fun and a very inspirational day.

For those of you who were there, I hope you found it a valuable afternoon and were able to ask Sandra all the questions that were on your mind.

New Year's Resolution


2007 has begun with some brutal weather. It was so rainy and windy last night. There was so much debris this morning on the roads because of it. We played it safe and stayed in for much of the day. My mother in law came by with home made scones and an Americano from Starbucks to see us. What a great treat! She later took my son for dinner at their place, which allowed me some nice one-on-one time with my daughter.

Living on a Reduced Income


moneyIf you are a stay at home mom, or work part time, then your combined family income has taken a really hard hit. To take the sting out of the financial bite in your wallet – here are some ideas that will help you stretch every dollar that comes in to your household and help you make the most with what you have.....

Happy 1st Birthday!!!!


Hurray! It's my daughter's 1st Birthday today!

I hadn't expected the snow - so we can't go outside with her today to play but we can still go out and go to the mall, so she can stretch her legs. I still have to pick up her balloons this afternoon.

I picked up her cake yesterday. It is a Vegan cake from Choices market. It is chocolate and looks good. I haven't tasted a rice cake before (without milk or eggs) but it should taste ok. Due to her allergies to milk and egg whites, it makes it a bit difficult to make a cake!

Growing Spurt


As a mom you expect to see your children outgrow things and have to buy them more. But at the same time? They seem to be on the same growth spurt right now, and that can add up. My wallet opened up so many times this weekend, it was scary.

For instance, I was in PANDA this past weekend to buy my daughter her first pair of shoes, as she is walking now - full speed. She took her first steps at 10 months and has been chasing her brother ever since. However, the other day in the store, I wasn't really prepared to hear that my son needed new shoes too. But that is what the lady told us after my son volunteered to have his shoe size taken. He went up a whole size in less than 6 months! So instead of going home with one pair of shoes, it was two.

Home Based Business Tips


I've provided these tips for Baby Vibe readers and for CFUN listeners last fall. They've also been discussed in my home-based business Workshop as well. I thought I would share them again for anyone who may be thinking of starting a business from home. And if you are thinking of making that a goal in your life - my upcoming Workshop on January 20th with Sandra Wilson, founder of Robeez shoes (which started out as a home-based business) would be a great way to be inspired and motivated.

When I started my own business from home for the first time, I learned that first and foremost it is imperative to have a business plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Simply putting it on paper in point form and addressing the essential issues will help you in the long run and help decide what you want to get out of your business.

No Such Luck


The past few days I took a trip to Vegas with my husband. It was the first vacation we have taken together in years. I was able to join my husband in Vegas (who there for work) and used my Save On More points for the flight. It was 99,000 points for return airfare. I really felt like my grocery shopping days were finally paying off!

Our ten year anniversary is in February, so I felt like this would be an opportunity to celebrate and spend some nice, quality time together. However, my children - who were being well cared for by their grandparents - soon proved that it was not in the cards for us (so to speak). No sooner had my plane landed and I settled in to my room - that I receive a phone call telling me my son is sick and has a high temperature. Not good. And less than 24 hours after that, I discover that I too, am sick. Vegas was definately not the lucky place to be for me or my family...