When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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When is enough - Enough?


Breast FeedingI recently had to begin the weaning process with my daughter. It was a tough decision for me, but she is one year now and on solids, with plenty of nutrition. In addition, her feedings have dwindled down to only a couple a night. So after speaking with my pediatrician, I was advised that yes, my breastfeeding had become nothing more than a pacifier for my daughter. I wasn't producing very much milk anymore, but had kept the feedings going as I was not bothered by it, and my daughter seemed to still enjoy the bonding.

Time for Mom




Time for me. It never used to be a hard concept for me to grasp before I had children. I took it for granted that I could spend so much time on myself, completely guilt free and knowing - unequivocally - that I deserved it.

However, as a Stay at Home Mom now, with a three and a half year old son and a year old daughter, I believed that time out for me was something that I no longer deserved. After all, if I was giving myself time, then I was taking time away from my family. I viewed it as being a very selfish indulgence. I felt guilty when I thought about doing something just for myself.


Hug it Out


My son is going through a very independent stage right now, as he is almost four. He wants to be able to do everything on his own and on his own terms. Of course, this cannot happen. When he doesn't like what I have to say, he will challenge me by yelling or stomping.

What I have discovered is that my challenge is not to raise my voice or escalate the situation. I cannot stop his behaviour by threatening him or taking things away because it seems to have little or no affect on him. He just gets angrier. However I did discover something today that does actually work.

Television - friend or foe?


TVIs television today being used by some parents to baby sit their children? The dangers are many, and once a child figures out how to change a channel, a parent can be exposing their child to very bad language and disturbing, violent images. All of which, can be seen and heard throughout the day, no matter what the time.


There are very few programs on television that can be considered “family friendly”. Before becoming a parent, I never really paid that close of attention or really even cared about this shift in programming. However as a parent - I'm now on high alert - always.

Did You Know?


questionDual-earner couples with the same family income as single-earner couples pay less tax. This is due to the progressive nature of our income tax system in Canada, and the fact that taxes are levied on individuals and not families.

What does this mean for stay at home moms in Canada? This means each family who has one parent who chooses to stay at home and does not receive any income, pays more in taxes each year. Our govenment is determing the way we look at raising our children, by encouraging parents to work outside the home and use daycare as the best alternative. Government is supposed to have a complimentary responsibility to support families - not replace them.



RingToday is our 10 year wedding anniversary. It's so amazing to think back to all the memories we have - and the best part is, is that we have created them together. Time has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

I told West Coast Families Magazine that if you had told me five years that I would be a Stay at Home Mom for my children instead of out in the workforce pursuing my career, I would have said they were crazy. Now there's no place I'd rather be then home with them.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentine's DayAh yes - the day of love. What are you doing for the love of your life (or more importantly- what is he doing for YOU?) Most likely, he is scrambling at the very last minute to get you that box of chocolates or flowers before he comes home tonight. Why oh why are women more romantic than men?

I have been married almost ten years (as of tomorrow) and am still the more romantic one. If you are like me, and are tired of trying to figure out the opposite sex, here are a couple of great valentine recipe ideas that your kids will fall in love with...

Upcoming Spring Workshops


flowerThe past couple of weeks have really been a blur as I have been gearing up for the next set of workshops for moms this spring.

Because of the success of my recent workshop with Sandra Wilson (founder of Robeez) in January and the positive feedback I have received over the past year from moms who have attended my other workshops - I have discovered that these events have made a real and lasting impact. And that means the world to me.

I have once again been inspired and motivated by so many of you and am delighted to let you know that I have created more - and my subscribers will be the first to hear of them....

Child Care Debate


A Story today from CBC:

Child-care advocates protest funding cuts

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Many day-care centres are closed in B.C. Tuesday, as child-care providers hold rallies across the province to protest provincial government funding cuts.

The biggest protest is planned for the lawn on the legislature, which will draw protesters from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, but protests are also being staged in smaller communities.

HPV Vaccination


ShotIn the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of information regarding the HPV Vaccination - which is a vaccine that provides protection from the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

A National Advisory Committee would like to see girls in Canada aged 9 to 13 be vaccintated for this virus. They say the vaccine is safe and effective. But I have to wonder how much research they have done on long term effects of this vaccine? In addition, the cost is approximately $135/shot and currently not being funded by any province in Canada.