When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Angelina Jolie - A Stay at Home Mom?


AngelinaOk - I am hardly one to be considered a star gazer or one who dwells on the lives of celebrities. However, this particular celebrity, who has been so vocal on the importance of children, is now doing what I consider to be a 180 degree turn.

She just recently adopted another child and vowed that she wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom for her chidren to ensure that they receive all the love and attention that she can provide for them. However, less than a week later, she signed on to star in an action movie called "Wanted" that's set to go into production at the end of April.

Home-Based Business Idea


With the upcoming Vancouver Mompreneur Event, I had to have posters and ads put together to help get the word out about the Event. I just thought I would share it on my blog.

There will be many women who will be showcasing their business at the Event.


Spring Cleaning Tips


WindowMy mom is a great mom, not only because she was a stay at home mom for me and my sister, but she has so many great tips to pass on, that have helped me with being a stay at home mom for my own family. She was recently telling me how I could get a better clean on some of my household items without having to spend a fortune on cleaning supplies.

I thought I would pass them along to other moms who are looking for alternatives and differerent ways to clean their home without "breaking the bank" and get terrific results!

From the Mouths of Babes!


TalkingI recently wrote about my daughter not speaking at 15 months old in my "Mom at Home" Column. Today I received an email from a reader who provided me with some very valuable information about when a child should speak - what the norm is and what you can expect. She is a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist located in White Rock.

It is so hard to know what is normal and what is abnormal when you try to compare your child's developement with another child or sibling. (I did this with my son as he was an early talker - and found it quite distressing that my daughter wasn't saying anything). With the Pathologist's permission, I have attached her information, in hopes that it will help other moms out there determine if there is a problem with their child's speech development.

April Fool's Day!!


April Fool's I realize that April Fool's Day is actually only a 1/2 day celebration of foolishness, but thought I would include it in my BLOG as it was an especially fun day today with my son, who is now almost four. He has now just figured out the meaning behind the day. He came and took me by the hand and led me to the window and told me that it had snowed out. He was emphatic about it and as I looked out the window, he yelled "April Fool's!" It was pretty funny. And I know that he got that joke from my dad, who had been using it since I was kid.

He then spent the next hour trying to fool the rest of the family in our household - including his one year old sister, who he kept taking to the window to look out. She will look at ANYTHING - so not too hard to fool her....:)

Obesity in children


ObesityThis is a topic that has really bothered me. It appears that obesity is on the rise for children and what's worse is that the age that children start showing weight problems is getting younger and younger each year. Is TV the culprit? Is fast food? Is it the easy to prepare foods that have a lot of additives in them - and no home cooked meals anymore? Or is it that there is a real lack of encouragement to participate in any outdoor activities?

My son is a huge soccer fan and loves to be outside. TV is really a third or fourth choice for him, so I'm not too worried about him becoming addicted to television (however I do monitor his in take regularly). But why are some children getting so obese? This problem is even more prevelant in the US, with more than half of adults with an extreme weight problem. It is an extremely serious health issue, which I consider to be a form of child abuse.

Higher Ground


Climbing BabyMy 15 month old daughter has recently decided that the ground is no longer a fun place to be. So instead, she has taken to climbing up on the chairs to get on to the tables and counters. Which of course is the most dangerous place she can possibly be and it scares me terribly - especially because she can accomplish this feat in less than five seconds.

And worse yet - this little stunt not only keeps me racing all day, but anyone who may be gracious enough to offer to watch her for a couple of hours (like a grandparent) as well. I've tried to deter her from attempting to climb the chairs and even rewarding her if she listens to me and comes down before she gets on to a table.

Police still on hunt for hit-and-run driver in Port Coquitlam


CrosswalkThis past Monday evening, a four year old boy named Jason Knee, was crossing an intersection in Port Coquitlam with his mother, and was struck by a dark SUV that fled the scene. He was rushed by emergency workers to the Royal Columbian Hospital and has since been moved to the BC Children's Hospital in critical condition.

It is every mother's worst nightmare, and I can't even begin to imagine what the family is going through right now. Why would the driver flee the scene after striking an innocent child and leave him and his mother behind to find help?

I have attached the full details of this story in my BLOG - and if you live in the area - email it to everyone you know. And if you saw anything or know of anyone who has front end damage to their SUV, call the authorities immediately. Help the family locate the person responsible for this tragic event. My prayers go out tonight to the Knee family and their beautiful son Jason.

Canadian Babies


Canadian BabiesThere is a great website that is a tremendous resource for moms. It a directory for everything to do with your baby in Canada. You can find it at www.CanadianBabies.ca. You can find out about the latest events going on, product reviews and there's a monthly guide to shopping online for babies and parents.

I am now one of the contributing writers on their site, and what I really liked about it was the reviews of the different and new products that are out there, as well as the helpful information for new moms.

And along those lines - I experienced something really strange the other day when I was out with my children. They were both having fun and running around in the park - when suddenly we heared a small baby cry. The mother was with her, and I am guessing it was feeding time. It was only then that it struck me - I'm no longer in that "place" anymore.