When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Car Troubles


Mini vanIt would appear that my mini van is on its last legs. I have had it for the past four years and have loved all the space that I have had in it. I even took out the middle seat, so I would have even more room to put groceries in to it and give me space for the kids' things.

But alas - as it is 10 years old now, and the mileage is 250 km, things are starting to go on it. And that can get very expensive - and dangerous, especially with the children. It will stall out sometimes or just not turn over. Not good. So in the meantime, I have been driving my husband's car which is much newer than my own (2005) but its just so small and cramped compared to my van.

Happy Mother's Day!


Mother's DayToday is the one day out of the year that all moms look forward to - to have some time to themselves, be pampered a bit and feel appreciated.

It has been a great day for me today. I was able to sleep in, and had breakfast made for me. My son gave me a special card (he had made some great drawings on it, and explained it to me in in detail what each one meant).

The family gave me a gift cert for an hour massage and I can't wait to use it. I was able to have a nice, relaxing bath, without anyone walking in on me, and was given time to read my latest book (which I bought a month ago, but had yet to start) called "Shopaholic and Baby". Fabulous.

Words of Wisdom


Never Give UpOk - I admit it. I am a strong believer in the power of positive words and thought provoking sayings. I have them throughout my house, and I have them on my computer. Even if I am not intentionally looking at them every day - they still sink in to my subconscious.

And so each and every day I am reminded of all the positive things around me, and the power within me to acheive my greatest dreams - and be the best mom I can for my children.

Mom in the City


shoppingIt has been awhile since I have allowed myself to go shopping for just myself. But with Mother's Day on the horizon and my closet filled with clothes pre-children - I thought it might be time to treat myself to some new clothes; and I'm going in to Vancouver tomorrow to do it alone. :)

It's funny, but Vancouver is only an hour's drive from where I live in White Rock, but it may as well be ten hours, as it has become a place I visit only on special occasions and/or for a specific purpose in mind. 

Vancouver has a special place in my heart though, because I spent a majority of my working life there. I love the hustle and bustle, and I love the great lunch places and shopping boutiques and the fabulous nightlife that it has to offer (although I haven't experienced it personally for quite some time). But it really does feel like I am getting away from it all when I am there - to have a nice, unrushed afternoon all to myself....and with my mom to watch the children - I am completely guilt free.

Booster Seats


Booster SeatIt has just become mandatory effective July 1, 2008, that children between the ages of four and eight in British Columbia, will have to use booster seats in the vehicle. All parents know that their baby needs to be in a proper infant seat, but I guess it becomes a bit hazy when the child gets beyond 40 pounds - because some parents start using the seat belt for their child.

However the danger is that a seat belt is designed to hold the hips of an adult - not a child, and therefore winds up across the abdomen of a child. In addition, without a booster seat, the shoulder belt crosses the child's neck or just gets pushed out of the way by the child.

Garage Sale


Garage SignWell - we finally did it - the thing we really dreaded but really needed to do - have a Garage Sale.

Last night, I was up until midnight going through the tons and tons and tons of clothes that I had collected over the years with my son and the past year with my daughter. There was so much, that I had to stop trying to tag each one individually and just resign myself to charging "per bagful".

I had planned the Garage sale a couple of weeks ago - however, it somehow got lost amongst the other "must do" things that have been on my list. So there I was - at 8am this morning on my driveway talking about the weather with people and crossing my fingers they were in the buying mood (Our sale didn't start until 9:00 - but all the early birds were anxiously waiting to hagger me down on all my treasured possessions).



bulbLast night I was sitting at my computer after the children were in bed, thinking about this upcoming Mompreneur Event and how all of it came to be in my life. I remember diarizing the upcoming birth of my daughter and from that very small, organic thought - I created "Mom at Home" which is now a syndicated column that I write for Black Press.

What I have discovered - is that is how it happens for many of us - whether it is a very strong voice in our heads telling us to do something, or a soft whisper that comes to us in the night...the trick is to be open to it and believing in yourself.

Pay it Forward


Pay it ForwardThis is a feel good story that I read in the newspaper this week about a mom (Katrina Fraser) who had a complete stranger give her $100 when she needed it the most. Apparently she was experiencing excruiating pain from an abscessed tooth and couldn't afford a dentist to have a root canal done.

She works full-time as a security officer, but her husband is a stay at home husband (good on him!) and they have a two year old daughter. They live month to month with their budget. (Haven't we all been there?) Anyways, the cost to have the tooth fixed was outside of their budget, so she just endured it. However, she is also in her first trimester with her next baby - and things were getting to the breaking point when her temperary fix for her tooth became unbearable.

Time to take out the Shorts


SunThe sun is shining here in White Rock and the temperature is rising. It's time for shorts to be coming out of the drawer and legs to be waxed. Summer is just around the corner and moms everywhere are checking themselves out in the mirror with a critical eye wondering if they are in fact ready to bare themselves in shorts, tshirts and the dreaded bikini. :)

The problem for me now is finding clothes that fit my body after children. I have lost all my pregnancy weight with my daughter (and then some) but don't have any summer clothes that are hip or fashionable anymore. I think it is time for me to do an audit on my own wardrobe. A few weeks ago I had to be ruthless with my children's old clothes - and now it is time for me to do the same. Out with the old and in with the new....

Robeez New Blog


shoesI was invited to be the first mom to submit a question to Sandra Wilson's new blog (Founder of Robeez baby shoes). Last year she sold her company for $31 million to Stride Rite. And for those of you who remember - she spoke at my Luncheon this past January about being a successful "Mompreneur".

You can check it out at www.robeezmompreneur.blogspot.com. And if you are just starting out or facing some hurtles - send her a question of your own. She is such an inspiring woman and wants to help other women succeed who are "mompreneurs" themselves. So visit it soon and ask your burning question - remember, knowledge is power and the more we ask - the more we learn.