When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Moms and Sleep


SleepI've never been someone who is a great sleeper. I have used ear plugs since I was in University and usually can't get to sleep until after midnight. Even then, I find that I don't sleep soundly but rather, wake at different points during the night. And since becoming a mom - it's even worse.

Did you know that pregnancy and motherhood will increase a woman's risk of sleep problems? And whether you are a stay at home mom or not, each woman will at some point, face their own specific sleeping challenges.


Victoria Baby Fair


Victoria Baby FairWhat an exciting time it has been since the Vancouver Mompreneur Event this past June! I am so thrilled to have been chosen as a guest speaker at the Victoria Baby Fair on September 15th and 16th. I am going to be speaking on (what else?) being a stay at home mom and how to create a home-based business. Check it out at www.victoriababyfair.com.

I am so determined to see the "pendulum" swing the other way and start having more moms closer to home for their children. So many moms want to find a way to do it - it's just about finding the right answer that will fit their own lifestyle...and yes....the answers are out there if you truly want to do it...



BarbieThere is a new website that has been created by Mattel to spark the debate on what it takes to raise a girl today and how we can support today's girls as they move from children in to young adults.

The website is www.webelieveingirls.com. Of course - Mattel owns Barbie, who has been a role model for girls for the past 48 years and the question begs to be asked - how much as Barbie influenced the way girls see themselves?


Never Enough Time


ClockThere never seems to be enough time in the day to get to all the "stuff" done that I want to do. It gets to be frustrating when my "to do" list keeps getting things added on - and there's not a lot coming off! And its not just the housework that gets set aside when the children need me - but other things - important things - like my health.

It became very evident this past week when I needed an eye examine (one that I have been putting off for some time) and when I did finally get there - I wasn't ready to hear what the optometrist had to say...


Face Book


woman computerI was reminded today how far behind I am with the latest trends in connecting with people. So - I had to do it. I finally visited Face Book and became instantly addicted. I saw friends on there who I haven't connected with in years and was able to see what they've been up to.

It was like taking a walk down memory lane. But Face Book has a lot more value other than reconnecting with old friends. It also helps you develop a network of friends - and moms are always the best people to connect with...


Family Coupon Book


2 fun momsI just heard about this great coupon book that has been developed by two moms which features businesses throughout the Lower Mainland. It's great for any business that is targeting moms and families with children under 5. And a handy savings book to have for sure!

It's called the Tiny Tots Coupon Book. If you want to get your business advertised in it, I think there is a last minute "special" and if you want to purchase it ($10) visit their website - www.tinytotscouponbook.com

On another note - my recent visit to BTV (Breakfast Television) went really well the other day.

Toilet Training


Baby ButtI used to believe that it was a myth that boys were harder to toilet train than girls. When I first was told by other parents that my son would take longer to train, I was not only in disbelief, but took it on as my own personal challenge to prove them wrong.

But after my son was two and a half and closing in on three - and still in diapers - (much to my dismay) I was afraid that they might actually be right. And what adds even more credibility to this theory, is that my daughter who is eighteen months old, is completely toilet trained....how can this be?

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The Acting Bug


As parents we all tend to believe that our child is unique and special (which they are!) and that they may have a special talent that could take them far in the entertainment industry.

The trouble is finding a place that you can trust that will nurture and help hone their craft - instead of exploiting them by charging thousands of dollars will little or no results. If you think your child is a diamond in the rough and could be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie - check out these handy tips that will save you much time and money in the world of acting.

Toys - can we trust them?


Easy BakeI recently wrote an article on the quality of toys that are out there right now in the market place. To be honest, with all the recalls that are going on, it makes you wonder how safe you children really are.

The Thomas the Train recall was the most significant in our household, as we owned five of the recalled items. All contained lead paint, which is considered to be highly toxic if ingested by a child. And guess what? When I mailed it back to them - I noticed a lot of the paint had already worn off...unbelievable.