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Time to take Action


RecallsFool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me. As a parent, I refuse to sit back and wait for the next big recall to happen without doing something about it.

Here are some tips that we can do as parents that will allow us to be more proactive with toys instead of reactive to the disturbing number of toy recalls that are on the rise in Canada...

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Life is too short


leapI started thinking today about the meaning of my life. Now before you think I am getting too philosophical with you - think about this: If you are in your mid 30's or early 40's - you are half-way through an average life span. What have you done with your life up to this point that you are proud of? What do you wish you could change?

We never want to think that we have lived our lives and never taken a risk - never truly experienced all that life has to offer.....so are you up to the challenge? Does your heart beat a little bit faster when you think about what could be?.....

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The last of Summer


Back to schoolWe spent the entire morning today down at Crescent Beach and the weather was absolutely perfect. We splashed in the water, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and salty, ketchup drenched french fries from the local fish and chips stand.

And as we were headed home, tired but happy from all the sun, with sand in our hair and our sandals - I knew that this would be one of the last few days we had left before summer ends and school begins. And a drastic change in routine for my son, whose ice cream eating days are now numbered....

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Another Recall?


toyIf you remember in one of my recent blogs and in my column - I wrote about the dangers of lead contamination in paint used on Thomas the Train toys (which we had five of, and had to send back).

But with the two latest recalls by Mattel (and on a much larger scale - 18,000,000) it has spurred on Ottawa to take a closer look at safety standards - and possible new measures to protect Canadian consumers...

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Understanding Your Website


ComputerI thought I would share some handy info with moms out there who are thinking of creating their own website, or already have a website up and running. Did you know that just because you have a website, doesn't necessarily mean that people will find you? Keep in mind that there are literally millions of other websites out there - and hoping by sure luck, that people will eventually stumble on your site, doesn't make good business sense.

So what should a person do if they want their website to be found with relative ease? There are things that can be done to assist your website to be found on the net - boost your visitors - and in turn, boost your business...

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Sticking To It


Woman RunningWell the first three days of Boot Camp has been absolutely amazing. I say amazing because it has opened my eyes as to how "out of shape" I truly am, but more importantly, it has shown me my true potential.

The woman who runs it (Shawna) is fantastic and is a true motivator in every sense of the word. She is encouraging, supportive and the driving force behind pushing members to do their absolute best. And if you want to try something out like this - she's offering a weekly FREE class if you dare....

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Boot Camp


BootcampTomorrow I start my first Boot Camp. I have been thinking about doing something just for me for the past few months and finally decided on Bootcamp to shock my body in to shape.

The Bootcamp is meant to push you in to doing things you wouldn't normally do. And the one I am doing is very demanding, very relentless and will help me jump start in to a program that will make me feel better about myself....

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