When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Good News to Share!


Good newsIf you recall, seven months ago, a little boy named Jason Knee was struck down in a cross walk by a hit and run driver in Port Coquitlam - and never came forward to take responsibility. I have been following his condition and posting it under my April 11th blog entry, up until May, but have not been able to locate any more updates since then.

The good news is that his Uncle Derrick, found this website and was able to provide an update on his condition and recovery since this terrible accident. I am attaching his comments that he posted this past week in my April blog - so readers can share in the update...

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MamaSpeakOn November 29th, I will be speaking at a course presented by MamaSpeak - which offers a variety of programs to support new Moms, in the newborn weeks and months. The woman who runs MamaSpeak is Meralon Shandler, she is a certified doula, and counsellor.

The four week program that I am a part of, addresses issues faced by moms such as returning to work, staying at home, childcare and finances, as they approach the end of their maternity leave.

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Long Weekend


mom sleepingWith the long weekend upon us - I am really excited to have some extra time with the family to do some fun stuff. I love long weekends and the extra day of sleeping in (my husband and I trade off weekend mornings with the children for some much needed sleep).

So for instance, on Saturday mornings, my husband will get up with the kids and make breakfast, and on Sunday mornings, I will get up with the kids and do the breakfast thing and he will sleep in. And Monday?.....perhaps we will "flip" for it!.....

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Moms the Word


The Stay at Home MotherI just returned from speaking to a group of new moms on maternity leave with MamaSpeak, which is a fantastic program for new moms. They were a wonderful group of moms, with lots of questions about what they will do when their maternity leave is over (isn't that a dilemma that most of us face?)

One of the moms asked me about how I catagorize myself as a stay at home mom if I am a mom with a home-based business? And one, who is able to make money outside of the home - in her view - I am a working mom......

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You Should Know...


There are some great opportunities under the "Opportunities" tab this month. There is an Event company that is offering part time work for moms interested in occasional work and some others that either offer part time or home based opportunities.

And if you already have a business, or a business idea then you definately need to check out Enterprising Moms Network, the social networking group that helps moms build their business.

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It's All Good


funpassHave you heard about FUNPASS? It is a a great social gathering for women to get out and have some FUN!

This Wednesday, Nov 28th, FUNPASS is hosting a Purse Party in conjunction with the Delta Leader at the Delta Town and Country Hotel from 5 - 9pm. Women can enjoy shopping, sipping on their favourite spirit and have some fun (of course!). Women are encouraged to bring their gently used purses to donate to Delta Association for Child Development. Admission is by donation. Visit their website at www.funpass.ca for more info.

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Yummy Mummy Club


Yummy MummyFor those of you who know Erica Ehm, the Yummiest Mummy out there (former MuchMusic VJ), will know that she has a fabulous website that is all about the "Yummy Woman" in all of us.

I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Victoria Baby Fair a couple of months ago - and she did an interview with me. It has now been posted live on Yummy Mummy tv at www.yummymummyclub.tv

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