When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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The Robeez Story


RobeezWant to find out all about the latest growing trend of mom entrepreneurs? Then you won't want to miss Saturday's Edition of a new show called Fortune Hunters. The entire show this week is dedicated to moms in business.

Sandra Wilson (founder of Robeez shoes) is being interviewed along with an" up and comer" mom entrepreneur with a line of jewelry.

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Valentine's Day has arrived!


HeartsWell, the day of love has finally arrived! Are you feeling the romance in the air? Did your husband or significant other remember to give you something nice? Or perhaps there was an extra kiss or lingering hug as they walked out the door?

Yesterday I visited the Mall to pick up my children some heart-shaped boxes of chocolates from Purdy's. And the lineup was unreal. To get a box wrapped would be a wait of half an hour, and when I was at the till and asked for a small Valentine's card to slip ontop, I was advised they were all sold out...Valentine's madness had already begun....

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Plastic Bottles are Dangerous


baby bottlesLast week, an article was released about baby bottles again. This time, it was on the latest study that showed three of the most popular brands of baby bottles (plastic) were found to have bisphenol A. And no, I didn't know what it was until I did some more research on it. I discovered it's controversial because it mimics estrogen- thus could induce strange hormonal responses - ie. infertility, breast cancer, and obesity.

I've posted the article in its entirety for any concerned moms on this topic. What's the answer? - I think it has become clear - to be safe, get rid of ALL your plastic bottles, and replace them with Glass, or Stainless Steel bottles. They may be more expensive - but worth EVERY penny.

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Valentine's Day Count down


loversThis past week, I've seen my slight sore throat turn in to a full blown cold. And I don't have much of an appetite either. Both my children appear to have overcome the worst of it (fingers crossed). Children are so resilient though - while sometimes mommy and daddy tend to take a bit longer.

But with my annniverary and Valentine's Day on the horizon next week - I really need to shake this cold...


SAHM Contest


Books for BabiesIt has been a tremendous weekend filled with lots of sunshine. I think we may have even come close to breaking a few temperature records out there.

Yesterday, we took the kids to the Aquarium and Stanley Park for some play time. We purchased memberships a few years ago for the Aquarium and it has been the best investment we have ever made.

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Classic Copy Cats


sex and the cityWow - I can't believe it's already February1st!!! It seems like January just flew by! Now with both my son and husband on the mend...it would appear that my daughter and I have switched places with them.

She has a terrible chest cold, and I have a terrible sore throat. I knew this would happen! So as a result - these past couple of days, I have become a couch potatoe in the evenings (and its made me feel even worse).

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Exciting Week


happy and excitedI am really excited this week for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am off tonight to attend the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs big Gala at the Water Front Hotel in Vancouver.

The key note speaker is Julie Agner Clark - Founder of Baby Einstein. It will be great to hear her speak and have an opportunity to network with other women. Plus I get to dress up - :):):)...

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