When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Tidbits of News


She financialIf you live in the White Rock/Surrey/Langley area, you may be interested in a great info session and evening this week that is about raising awareness about women and cancer.

Penny Deming, President of SHE Financial is hosting the evening. She was inspired to hold the Event after reading an article about a young girl who lost her mother to cancer....

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The Modern Mom's Guide To Dads


Gudie to DadsI just finished reading a terrific book called The Modern Mom's Guide to Dads.

The book provides a window into the minds of fathers, and what they really think - but are too afraid to voice aloud.

In it, the author, Hogan Hilling, provides ten secrets a husband won't tell his wife. I personally think it is brilliant, not only because it is honest and insightful - but because it was high time that a book was written to help us moms understand things from a dad's point of view....

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A Star is Born!


My StarLook at that - my name is finally on the walk of fame. It took some time... but there it is and I'm really quite pleased about it. :)

If you want to have your name on the walk of fame - check out this website - www.getyourownstar.com- your kids will love to do it too!:)

I recently posted some more of my articles and latest BTV appearance so check it out under the "Archives" tab and the "Media" tab.....

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April Fool's is over


JesterOk - now I have to stop my April Fool's Day celebration, as it is now past noon, and we all know that if you continue your fooling - you become the fool.

I hope all moms took some time today to have some fun with thier children, and made someone smile. :)

Happy April Fool's Day!

Disneyland Memories


Kelly on BuzzOk - I admit it - I absolutely loved Disneyland. It was a great week with my son, who just turned five. It took me awhile to "loosen up a bit" and forget about the long line ups, the crazy heat and the outrageous prices for everything - ranging from hot dogs to mouse ears.

I had to focus in on the fact that this trip was about my son and how much he was getting out of it - and as you can see from the picture of me on the Buzz LightYear ride....I became hypnotized by it all....LOL....

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