When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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The Cost of Living


Baby moneyHave you noticed that the cost of living is getting higher and higher - thus making being a stay at home parent even more difficult than ever?

It's a reality for so many of us who want to be closer to home, but find it nearly impossible financially with the rising cost of things like gas, food, and simple necessities of life

So what is a parent to do?...

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The Big School Debate


schoolOk - if you are a mom with a child aged 5 onwards, then you are a mom who has had to make the decision on what type of elementary school to send your child to.

I really didn't think there was much of an issue about public school, and didn't give it any thought when I signed my son up for a public school that is within walking distance of our house - after all - we live in a great neighbourhood, so the school must be great too...right?.....

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Happy Mother's Day!


Mom and daughterMother's Day is almost upon us. It is a day for moms everywhere to relax and be pampered for one entire day.

And every mom has a different idea as to what constitutes a great Mother's Day.... for me, this Sunday is all about time ....

Not only to myself - but with the family too....


Unconditional Love


BabyAs parents we must provide unconditional love. The type of love that has no expectations, no conditions and no ending – it does not “come and go”- it just is. We just give it, because we have it in us to give.

We need to let go of expectations or preconceived notions about our children and learn to separate them from their behaviour. After all, providing a child with unconditional love is the corner stone of their self-esteem...

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May is finally here!


weight lossI am so excited that it is now May. Spring can really be felt - the weather is getting better - robins are everywhere in our backyard- and less people are in black these days. Finally women everywhere are heading for their colourful outfits that have been hidden away in the back of their closets.

Ahhh yes - summer is almost here and I can hardly wait for it - although after trying on the clothes that have been tucked away in my own closet - I made a very disturbing find - it would appear that I have developed some "winter weight" that I was not prepared for...

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Enterprising Moms Network in Richmond


LaunchAs many moms know, my home-based business (which takes me out of the home a couple of times per month) is called Enterprising Moms Network. It is a Networking group specifically for moms in business.

We have been based in White Rock, British Columbia for the past year, and last night we launched our newest chapter in Richmond. The launch was a huge success and we had new members join last night and today on Enterprising Moms Network.

Surviving "Survivor Bootcamp"


Survivor BootcampSo I returned to Survivor Boot camp last week - and yes, it was hard. And yes, I hurt this week. I could not believe how out of shape I am! It's only been two months since I was exercising, but can see how doing absolutely nothing in those two months can really catch up with a person - and fast.

So I have ten pounds to lose and my goal is to have them lost by the end of June...

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Too Much Fun in the Sun?


sunbathingSo yesterday we had an absolutely gorgeous day in the Lower Mainland - hitting almost 30 degrees out in White Rock where we live. It was a day that many Vancouverites have been waiting for, for quite some time.

Because of the exceptional weather, we spent the morning at the beach in White Rock for breakfast with the kids - giving them time to bask in the sun, run in the surf and get absolutely soaked - and get sand in every place imaginable!

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