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CanoeSo I am off for a week with my family to relax and enjoy some time without a tv, cell phone or video games. This is a time to "unplug" from all the modern day gadgets and just appreciate the world - and each other.

My two year old daughter has never been away from home, so it should be interesting to see how she reacts to her first time away from her bed - fingers crossed that it's positive......

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Gas Prices



Well it looks like we have finally hit the 1.50 range for gas per litre, and there is no slowing down in sight. One economist has predicted us to be at over 2.00 per litre by the end of the summer - unbelievable.

I can remember it was only five or six years ago when the gas wars were on and we could get gas for as low as .39 cents per litre. So things like camping, RVing and boating - things that usually shouldn't make for an expensive vacation are now looked at as a luxury vacation for the family - and commuting? Well....now that seems to be even more daunting...

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Savvy Mom Entrepreneur Award


working momAre you a mom who has found a way to work from home or have your own storefront and have been in business for more than a year? If yes - then you may want to check this out.

The Savvy Mom Enterpreneur Award is coming around this year again - so if you think you may qualify and are a mom-run business, then you have to get involved...

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Summer Crowds


acquariumI can't believe that August is already here! July seems to have just flown by!

I think I'm over the worst of whatever ailment I had with my throat and flu, so very happy that the long weekend is almost upon us and can really enjoy it with the family.

Today, we headed in to Vancouver to see the Acquarium (we have a family membership) as the children absolutely love to see the fish and its a bit of a routine breaker, however I wasn't prepared for what lie ahead....

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Sore throatSo I think I am coming down with tonsillitis. I just got over the flu after I returned home from our family vacation last week. Can you imagine having this during summer? Unbelievable. My son had tonsillitis about three weeks ago, and still has a lingering sore throat, but to be honest - I really don't get sick. So getting hit twice in just over a week, is a bit much for me.

And today, was a happy occasion, my younger sister was celebrating her birthday and we had a birthday dinner with the family over at my house. But it really wiped me out....

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Home Sweet Home


HomeSo I am back from vacation and feeling quite relaxed. Although I seem to have brought the flu back with me - so my first day back hasn't been the greatest.

But the Cariboo, where we stayed, along the lake was amazing. It was exactly how I had imagined it to be. We had the lake literally in our back yard, with our own private pier. The children loved it and really were able to experience nature at its best....

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