When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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MomsI can't believe we are in to the middle of September already! Time is just flying by and I'm playing "catch up" right now.

I thought I would share in this blog some of the upcoming classes and events here in Vancouver, British Columbia that are noteworthy for moms who have a home-based business or simply want to connect with other moms in their area.....

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Call me Auntie


AuntSo I spent the entire evening and night at the hospital waiting for the birth of my nephew or neice. It's so weird when you are on the other side of it and have to just sit there and patiently wait for some nurse to take pity on you and share some information with you about the progress of the baby.

I've never been an"aunt" before, so was very excited to become one. My parents and I paced the floor, and I stuck my head in every once in awhile in hopes that I could stay for a bit and help out....

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First Day of Kindergarten


The Kissing HandYesterday was my son's first day to kindergarten. It was a day filled with lots of excitement and worry (on my part).

My son embraced the day and woke up early to get a head start. We talked over breakfast about what he could expect and he nodded enthusiastically when asked if he was really looking forward to it....


The Entrepreneurial Mom


Small Business BCIn November I will be teaching a course through Small Business BC. The course is called "The Entrepreneurial Mom - Running a Small Business". It is going to be taught at Small Business BC's Vancouver location and broadcast across the Province, by video conferencing.

I am very excited to be doing this as I have been such a strong supporter of Small Business BC, and all the resouces and classes they have available for entrepreneurs who are just getting started or are growing their business...

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Left Behind


FleetwoodTonight I saw a story on global news that reduced me to tears. The story was about a little girl in Surrey, who has cerebral palsy.

She is in grade eight and lives with her father who has sole custody of her (she used to live in Mexico with her mother up until a few months ago).

Her classmates were going on an over night camping excursion, however, because the facilities were not wheelchair accessible, she was denied to go....

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Cross Walk Safety


CrosswalkSo with the first two weeks of school under my belt with my son and his kindergarten class, you would think that I would be getting used to the "newness" of it, right? Wrong. If anything, I am more disturbed than ever.

In addition, I have discovered that although we are only a block away - the problem now lies in the busy street that we must cross over each day that has me seeing red....