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Lest We Forget


PoppyToday is Remembrance Day. A day to remember the men and women who have given their lives to fight for the freedoms we are so blessed to have today in Canada. And we need to also take time to today to think about the ones who are out there right now on the front lines for our Country.

I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be constantly on guard - that at any moment, you will come face to face with someone who wants to kill you. The idea of gunfire each day echoing in your ears and bombs going off all around you - and being able to get past the fear and be strong...

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Home Fragrance Products


Did you know that those air-fresheners you have been using for your home to sweeten unpleasant orders and leave your home smelling fresh - could be dangerous to your family's health?

I don't personally use them, as that was always my biggest fear - but studies now substantiate what has bothered me about them, and that is, that those chemicals in the spray are just plain bad for you....

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The Mompreneur Holiday Tradeshow


MompreneurI am really excited to be a part of the upcoming Mompreneur Holiday Tradeshow that is happening on November 22, 2008 at the Roundhouse Community Centre from 10 - 4pm in Vancouver.

The great thing about the afternoon is that it showcases moms in business, provides great resources to launch or grow a business as well as a venue for early holiday shopping. What more could you ask for?..

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Website hits a Million


ExtraWell - its definately something to celebrate. Today - I checked my stats and added up the number of visits since I launched thestayathomemother.com in December 2006 and the tally?......the site has recieved more than one million visitors.

The site has come a long way since it first launched in December 2006. I remember looking at my stats back then and being happy if 40 or 50 visitors came to the site each day. It meant that another mom was interested in being a stay at home parent or finding a way to be closer to home...

History has been made in the US


ObamaAmericans elected Democrat Barack Obama as their first black president Tuesday, in a transformational election which will reshape US politics and reposition the United States in the world.

Barack Obama, who is 47, will be inaugurated as the 44th US president on January 20, 2009, and inherit an economy mired in the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a nuclear showdown with Irac - but as I sat and listened to his speech last night - I was inspired....

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A Battle Lost


SickLast week my son came down with a terrible cold/flu. Five days ago my mom came down with it, then my daughter, then my husband and now - yes, you guessed it - I have it.

The worst part is, I have been desperately trying to work through it - fight it. I kept working, I kept all my appointments with various things throughout the week - I never rested, protected myself and now I am stuck with laryngitis, a high fever and a terrible chest cold - now what happens?....

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Too Much Candy


CandyI thought I would share with readers exactly how much candy our household now has since Halloween is over. This picture represents one of three bowls we have in our home. That's right THREE bowls of this size brimming with candy!

We had to put it all on top of the fridge - as our children kept trying to "help themselves" to the stash throughout the day (and night). I am pretty sure I have gained a couple of pounds since the bowls have been in the house. Because although the children can no longer reach the candy - I still can........

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Delectable Recipes


RecipesOk - I came across some amazing recipes the other day. And witih the US Thanksgiving just around the corner - I thought I would share them with readers. Although for Canadians, Thanksgiving is long past, we can still use these winter dishes to warm our tummies.

I also am trying very hard to lose some weight so although these dishes aren't very "weight conscious", I will be posting some in the coming week to help with those of us trying to lose the weight before Christmas. However, for now, let's just indulge ourselves a bit....

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Shipping from the US


shippingI have to share this with readers because it could happen to anyone who is ordering items online across the border - especially with Christmas around the corner.

Back in September, I wanted to purchase some costumes for Halloween. This year, I decided to go online. I found an absolutely great website that had thousands of costumes to choose from. The children picked out theirs, and I picked out mine and we ordered them....

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