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Welcome 2009!


Well, we are now off and running in the New Year. I am still in holiday mode, and am trying desperately to readjust to getting back in to routine.

My son returns to kindergarten on Monday. My daughter's third birthday is just around the corner on the 17th, so lots of things to think about - plus.....

Congratulations Mom - you've delivered Octuplets!


babiesTwo days ago in California, a mom made news headlines by delivering eight babies.

Apparently the mother was surprised because she was only expecting seven! Can you imagine going from no kids to eight!? Wow. There are six boys and two girls. Two are on ventilators but the rest appear to be doing fine.....


Best Job in the World


Great Barrier ReefThe Best Job in the World is located on the Great Barrier Reef.

Ok - if you haven't heard about this job, then you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks.

For six months, all you have to do is live there, explore the island and blog about it weekly. And for that - you get paid $100,000 US.....

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Mom - I'm Bored!


bored kidFor the next few days, I am on my own. My husband is on a business trip and I am finding it challenging to keep both my five year old son and my three year old daughter entertained.

Usually during the day, I am the one responsible for keeping them busy and getting them to their classes and playdates.

In the evenings, my husband takes over and plans some things for them - however, now that its just me this week, I'm finding it a bit challenging to keep them occupied....

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Three times a Princess


FairySo yesterday was my daughter's third birthday. I think I am still in shock that she turned three. My only wish for her, was that she would have a great day.

And it was a wonderful day for her - as we had planned each minute of the day out in detail.

In the morning, she was able to pick her breakfast and spend some leisurely time with her brother. In the afternoon, her brother headed off to another birthday party at a local gym to allow for some special alone time for her with mommy and daddy....that's when the real fun began.....

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Overcoming Recession


We Can Do ItAs we welcome 2009, we have been bombarded with news about how bad the US has become with their financial crisis.

People have lost their jobs, their homes and are financially bankrupt.

Here in BC, it is predicted that 40,000 jobs could be lost this year.

It is a sobering reality that in Canada we are also headed for a possible disaster....