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Staycation for Spring Break


staycationSo I am excited - my new column "Mom's Life" appears today in THE NOW newspaper.

CLICK HERE to read the article announcement on me joining the newspaper, and CLICK HERE to read the article I wrote on the family "Staycation" this year for spring break.

In addition, I was also recently published in SHE KNOWS.COM, which is one of the top 10 most-visited websites for women on the net, and provides current information on topics relevant to women's lives....

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Vancouver Aquarium


aquariumYesterday I took the children to the Vancouver Aquarium in the morning. We have a family membership, and usually go about once per month on average.

Although it was terribly busy by 10am (they open at 9:30), there were lots of fun things planned for the children due to spring break.

Both of my children could hardly wait to see what fun activities were planned by staff at the aquarium...

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Work from Home Opportunity


Mom and SonAre you looking for a way to be closer to home, more in control of your hours and something this is flexible around you? Enterprising Moms Network can help!

As many of you know, Enterprising Moms Network is my company. And two years ago, I never would have imagined how fast it could grow!

Right now, I am actively looking for other entrepreneurial-minded moms across Canada to lead their own chapter. There are four chapters currently running successfully in BC including White Rock,Richmond, North shore and Kelowna....

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What Would You Do?


What would you doOk - we all have seen John Quinone's segments on 20/20 about "What Would You Do?". I'm always facinated watching what people will do when they are faced with a moral dilemma.

However, because the show is based in the US - I'm curious to know how Canadians would react to similiar dilemmas? I found a great video that tests exactly that with Canadians.....

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Big News


Big NewsSo I've had a few changes happen to me these past couple of months. The first is that I am no longer with Black Press newspapers - that's right. My "Mom at Home" column of the past three years is gone.

The good news?!

I am now with CanWest newspapers, writing for the Surrey NOW. My column has been renamed "Mom's Life" - and boy, is this going to be exciting........

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Raising Money for a New Playground


Raise MoneyIf you live in the White Rock/Surrey area, and are looking for an evening out and want to help raise some money for a good cause - then why not come out this Saturday, March 28th and have some fun?

The event is happening at the Hazelmere Golf Course from 6 - 8pm. It's being put on by the PAC of South Meridian Elementary school to help raise money for a new playground.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


St. Patrick's dayWith a name like Kelley, I had to acknowlegde today as being a wonderful day for the Irish everywhere!

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated annually on 17 March, and is named after St. Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland who is believed to have died on that day.

The life and work of St. Patrick is shrouded in vagueness. We rely on the anonymous writer of the Annals of Ulster for information about his life and activities....


The Exploding Vacuum


vacuumWho ever thought doing house cleaning could be so dangerous? A woman living in Richmond, BC was on the unfortunate end of an exploding vacuum this past week when the cordless vacuum she was using to clean the stairs in her home exploded in her hands.

She received third-degree burns to her left palm and apparently with this particular vacuum model, its happened before.....

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Spring Break


SeabusAlthough I am staying locally this spring break with my children - I have figured out different things to do with them each day to make it seem as if they were on vacation.

I did arrange for different art projects to do at home, but I also added in things to do that would only be done if we were tourists. ie - A trip to Lonsdale Quay Market on the Northshore. The plan was to take the skytrain and seabus in.

We actually went yesterday to kick it all off and it wasn't as great as I had hoped......


Noisy Neighbours


ProblemAs any mom knows being a new mom is difficult enough - but when you also throw in to the mix living in a neighbourhood that is filled with rowdy and disruptive neighbours - it can have disasterous effects.

In response to a recent article I wrote featured in the Now, I had a concerned stay at home mom email me the torture she has endured for the past two years living with neighbours who continually bang on drums, have wild parties and take delight in revving their engines at all hours. This is her story....

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