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Fair was Where?


fairThis past weekend, we took our children to the Fair that was happening along White Rock Beach here in BC. It had about 20 rides that ranged from baby rides all the way up to "close your eyes and hang on for dear life" ones.

We arrived when it just opened on Saturday just after 12pm - we wanted to get there before the crowds - but little did we know, just how wrong we were....


Bad Blogger


Bad BloggerI have been so busy preparing for the upcoming Enterprising Moms Business Conference these past few weeks, that I feel that my blogging has taken a nose dive. For that - I apologize! If you want to check out all the work that I have been doing for the upcoming conference - CLICK HERE.

And if you live in the area - come on out! It's on June 13th in Richmond at the River Rock Casino Resort from 11 - 5pm. The day is filled with amazing speakers and great businesses showcasing. This year's theme is "Get the Word Out!" and discusses all the various ways to promote and get the word out about your business. There is a donation made at the door to the Ronald McDonald House. There is also an evening networking which is going to be so much fun and tickets can be purchased through the website (www.enterprisingmomsnetwork.com)...

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Home Office 101


messy deskIn order to start this week off right I decided to clean my home-office. And by clean - I mean get rid of the clutter.

You see - I am a paper hog. I will keep every scrap of paper whether it has a phone number, a message or is actually really important.

It is all sitting in a paper pile waiting for me to separate the important papers from the other trivial ones.

So this weekend I decided enough was enough - and with recycling box in hand I went to work.

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School Day Countdown


calendarSo the Enterprising Moms event in Richmond, BC is over and I am finally starting to unwind. The speakers were amazing and the women showcasing had so many wonderful businesses. The evening reception was fun and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. But it did make for a long day.

On Monday, I was able to spend a relaxing day with my children and take my son to school. He only has eight days left of school - I can't believe it! So now the question is - what the heck am I going to do with him all summer!.....

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Birthday Wishes


birthday cakeSo today is officially my birthday. Yep. Today I turn the big 3-7. I'm not sure what's in store for me today, but suffice it to say that there will be a dinner at my mom and dad's and lots of candle blowing (my children have to also have a turn blowing out mommy's candles!)

But as it was my husband's birthday two days ago and the Enterprising Conference that I am hosting on Saturday, I think my birthday is going to go by in a bit of a blur........