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woman computerDo you read this blog often? Do you enjoy reading the articles/blog that I have been posting for the past three years? If so - The Province Newspaper is looking for favourite BC Blogs and is asking for people to email them with their favourite blog - and your vote counts!

The email address is jensaltman@theprovince.com . They are compiling a list of BC favourite blogs and I'm hoping to make the list!

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Whistler Family Magic


WhistlerSo I just returned from Whistler with the family.

We left on Tuesday and drove up to stay at the Chateau Whistler (click here to view Hotel) - which was offering a great deal on their rooms for mid-week stay.

I was a bit stressed about the drive; as the last time I had been up to Whistler I felt like I was living dangerously. There were too many narrow lanes, tailgaters and speeders surrounding me.

However - this drive was different - and it wasn't the only thing that I found surprising....

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History Repeating


swingA few weeks ago we purchased a tree house/swing set for the children. It is great. However, with the new playset comes a few rules. No climbing on the outside of the treehouse and no swinging on their belly.

Why no swinging on their belly? Well - when I was four years old, I too, had a new swing set that I loved to play on and enjoy. However, one fateful day made the swing set not so much fun anymore....

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