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My Football Fear


FootballSo my son started football camp with the Titans this past week. He has been begging me to put him in football for the past two years, but I've been a bit scared about it. However he is six now so I decided to let him try it.

Yes, I was a bit reluctant, as football is a contact sport and I wasn't sure how he would feel about it - I mean, I worry that he might get hurt, or be overwhelmed by it or can't keep up or.........

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Taking Time For Me


woman runningWhether you have children who are newborn or in elementary school and beyond - sometimes it's so easy to get wrapped up in our children's lives that we forget about us.

Many moms I have spoken to on the topic of "Me-Time" have either dismissed it as though they don't need it, or that its selfish to even factor themselves in to the family equation. Some also claim that they just don't have the time to do the things they want to for themselves anymore and put it off to do "down the road".

Sound familiar? 

The fact is "Mommy time" is just as important for the sanity of you, as it is for the sanity of the entire family unit...

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raod tripThe other week we decided to take a trip to Seattle for a quick get-away.

It was pretty "last minute" - and if you are like me and my family, doing something last minute with children can be anything but easy!

We chose Seattle, WA as our destination, as my husband and I have a fondness for it and hadn't been there in years.

Although we did manage to get out of the house relatively unscathed, we weren't so lucky on the road....

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Lulla Bear Love


Lulla BearMy three-year old daughter was recently sent a Lulla Bear to try out by CrowleyJones, and she could hardly wait try it out.

You see - its actually an MP3 player that is hidden within the soft teddy bear that comes pre-loaded with lullabies, nature sounds and children's classic songs.

My 6 year old son was also taken with the children's classic songs - so needless to say - I ended up convincing them to share the bear.

I'm also able to download their favourite songs to the MP3 player too - so they have been picking out the songs that they want to add on to it as well for the past week.....


Is Twitter killing the Mom Blogger?


twitterI have found since discovering Twitter, that my blogging hasn't been as frequent. What started off as a desperate move to avoid Twitter at every cost three months ago, has now become a daily ritual in my life desperate be a part of it.

Perhaps there are many reasons Twitter has become so popular in the last eight months - it allows you to communicate in short bites of information, you can stay in the loop with people and companies that you are really interested in - most most of all, it keeps you connected to people all over the world with various opinions, experiences and lifestyles....

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