When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Let it Snow


Let it SnowWell it's officially Christmas in White Rock. Today we received a considerable amount of snow, that makes it feel a heck of a lot more like Christmas.

Although I have lived here for almost for twenty years, I still remember what it was like to live on the Prairies - and for it to snow for six months of the year......


Cautious Connections


Cautious ConnectionsToday I am very happy.

As a writer, its nice every once in awhile to spread your wings and try something new.

And that's exactly what I did this month after spending the last four years as a columnist. I made the leap to feature writer for the Surrey Now newspaper....

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Wishing You A Merry Christmas!


ChristmasMerry Christmas!!!!!!!!

That's right, I said it, Merry Christmas! Not Happy Holidays and not Season's Greetings.

I am sick of all the seasonal semantics - and worrying that we are going to offend someone by wishing them all the best. How could you possibly take offense to that?!!!!

We have wasted too much time debating this issue, when it really comes down to practising what we preach during this time.....