When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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What are You Going to Do Right Now?


PathRight now, I am at a cross-roads in my life.

About five years ago, I was also at one becasue I had to make a decision as to who I truly was and what truly made me happy.

Lucky for me, what helped guide me and helped focus me, was my children.

You see - I was reconnected to my writing (my true passion) through my children.  I discovered that sharing my experiences as a mother - helped other mothers.  And so I wrote more, and soon found myself writing a bi-weekly column that discussed my life as a mom.

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The Chocolate Dilemma


chocolate kidThe Easter Bunny came hopping in to our home during the wee hours of the night and left waaaaaaaay too much chocolate! ;)

It doesn't help the matter either that the kids also had an egg hunt at a friend's Easter party yesterday - and have two other scheduled eater egg hunts at both sets of grandparents later today!

The kids want to share with mommy, but I have no desire to go near the chocolate this year.  Summer is going to be here in no time and I've spent the greater of six months trying to stay thin... but alas....I can see the chocolate handwriting on the wall.......

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