When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Flat Stanley


Ok - so here's the thing. My son came home the other day with two coloured cut-out pictures of "Flat Stanley".  He was assigned the task of sending out two "Flat Stanleys" to other people outside of BC, and have them take a picture of themselves with Flat Stanley, and provide some info about where they live.

Initially I thought, this is great! What a great way for kids to learn about other provinces in Canada.  But then I thought to myself....why limit it to two?.......




Today I have hit an all-time low.  I can barely walk upright with out feeling faint, and its difficult to breathe. 

What started out as a terrible, dry cough at the beginning of this week, soon developed into a fever, and chest pain with nausea.  Yesterday I was diagnosed with the flu and borderline pneumonia.  Today, its official..........


Busting the Perfection Myth


June CleaverThis morning I was on Breakfast Television in Vancouver to talk about the myths that moms have about being the "ideal" mom.

We took some viewer feedback and some "on the street" ideas about what makes a great mom.

The funny thing is that the things that we think would matter to our children the most, really don't.  For many viewers, it boiled down to time - ie, how much a mother gives of her time to spend with her children....

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The Ultimate PR Seminar


Megaphone GirlFor many years, I have been working with Entrepreneurs, helping them  get more exposure for their business in the media. 

This year, I am offering an Ultimate one-day PR Seminar like no other...and giving business owners the knowledge that will empower them.

Here’s five reasons why media exposure is more effective than traditional advertising for your business: