When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Father's Day


Father's DaySo today is Father's Day - a day to celebrate dads everywhere, and all that they do for us!

I think sometimes Dads get a bum rap, when it comes to the success of the family unit.  

Let's face it , moms are usually the ones who get the "kudos" for being the glue that holds a family together - but I beg to differ.....


Birthday Wishes


Birthday BoyToday is my husband's birthday. And like most birthdays, I know he will try to shrug it off, like it doesn't matter and not make a big deal over it at all.

I've known my husband for more than eighteen years, and in that time, have come to realize that birthdays to him, are simply just another day.

But I beg to differ......