When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

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Mom's Night Out


Mom's Night OutThis Saturday, I will be heading to the River Rock for a Night Out with five dear friends.  It's the first time EVER that I've decided to stay out with friends for an entire night out (since having children that is!).

But what's so important about the experience is that it is a chance to reconnect with friends, have some fun and a chance to remind myself that I am more than just a mom - I'm also me.

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Cleaning Services – who can you trust?


Seal of ApprovalThere is an old saying that goes "Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice - shame on me".

I recently had two very bad experiences with two different maid companies in Surrey. One went by the name of  Lidia's Cleaning Services and the other went by the name of Eva Metryka Cleaning Services.


As a former entrepreneur, I like to support the small business person. I like the idea that someone has decided to go in to business for themself and make a go of it.

However, what I don’t like is feeling duped out of my money for a poor job done….twice...

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Happy Mother's Day


Help Wanted

As today is Mother's Day, I thought it would be appropriate to post an article that I wrote a few years ago, about how a local ad in a newspaper would read if someone was looking to hire someone for the position of "MOM"

Desperately Seeking One Mom: Required Immediately!

Responsibilities include:


This entails cleaning the floors and vacuuming (especially in the kitchen due to crumbs from children’s dinners and snacks that always make their way to the floors). You may need extra time in this area if pancakes, honey or juice is served - as all leave a sticky residue behind, where inevitably some unsuspecting guest will get stuck in it. Please note: You may need to clean the same area more than once during the day depending on number of times the children eat.

As well, laundry is to be done on a regimented basis to ensure that all family members have fresh clothes to wear each day. You may find yourself doing more laundry than initially intended, as the children tend to go through two to three outfits per day (see above re: eating habits) and may or may not include your husband, if it is a weekend.

Making the beds (this could sometimes be two to three times a day, depending on how many times the children jump on the bed and/or pull it apart).

Dusting is a must and cannot be overlooked. I stress this because it is a guarantee that the time you do decide not to dust, is the same day an in-law or friend will drop in to say hello and witness your bad cleaning skills......

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Being Fat and Pregnant goes hand in hand


Jessica SimpsonOk - let's lay off the fat jokes with Jessica Simpson. 

Yes, she got big, and yes, she probably indulged in all the amazing food that women tend to restrict themselves from doing every day - but here's the thing......she was PREGNANT!

Since news hit that she had her baby yesterday - Twitter has been, well, all-a-twitter about how fat she got - and how big the baby weighed.

The fact is, as a former pregnant woman, it is tough enough to have to go through nine-months of enduring kicks, heart burn, sleepless nights and constant discomfort - for goodness sakes, let's at least indulge in some comfort food!

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