Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother

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Below you will find articles from my "Mom at Home" column. For reprint permission, please send an email to info@thestayathomemother.com.


What People Are Saying

"Bravo on your editorial/article about being a stay-at-home mom! We are a dying breed and I find that fewer and fewer of us are willing to speak up in public that we are doing the better thing for our children......I'm glad you spoke up on the virtues of the stay-at-home mom and so eloquently, too." - L.Donaldson

"A big thanks for that excellent article in the Peace Arch News yesterday. I think you spoke for a huge number of people who tend to be quite isolated and not too vocal, quietly going about what is probably the most important function in any society. I am convinced that, unobtrusive and hidden as they may be, what they do, more than anything else, will shape the future of our country. I hope they took the time to read your article and were greatly encouraged." - John Isaak

"I wanted to thank you for putting into words what I have been thinking! After reading the article and having a good chuckle, I told my husband to read the article because it was EXACTLY what I was thinking. Thank you for a great article and making me remember what a true miracle it is to have a baby." - A. Higgs

"Thank you for your recent article in the Leader. Hopefully people will read it and be better educated about the flu and how easily it can affect others. It is so important that people see how their actions can affect others around them who aren't able to as easily fight off the flu. Thank you for getting the stay at home, and wash your hands messages out there. Maybe next flu season we will not have to go through this again because of people like you." - M.Giles

"Our society puts too much emphasis on following the social economical
mold....It is refreshing to hear someone say that I have my own plan, and stand up for the important responsibility of being a parent."
- Matthew Elliot

"Kelley Scarsbrook's Mom At Home column has been a welcome addition to The Peace Arch News. She brings a refreshing, modern perspective to life's most challenging, and rewarding, experience - raising children." - Rob DeMone, Editor, Peace Arch News

"You are a model mother to the post modern society in BC." - Isac Mathews

"Thank you for giving me the pleasure on Wednesdays to sit down with my lunch and read your column and realize that I'm not alone." - Valerie

"Thanks for doing what you do for other moms. And thanks for the great words and insights." - Angela Tunner

"Our children are THE most important job we take on in our lives and you only get one chance to do it right. It's a good thing you are doing for moms and more importantly, their children." - Leeanne Mueller