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Beautiful Noise


Beautiful Noise

I'm so excited because my parenting book has finally been published and I wanted to share it with my readers.

The book is called "Beautiful Noise", and its a compilation of my past parenting articles (from 2006-2012) about being a stay at home mom.

When I started writing for the newspaper about my experiences as a stay at home mom, I think what was paramount in my mind was getting my thoughts out there with as much honesty as possible.

I fought against the stigma that your brain might turn to mush if you become a stay at home mom - or that you were throwing your life away if you chose this path....

I wanted to take the fear out of it and letting women know that you don't lose yourself if you become a stay at home mom.

I've been at home with my children for more than seven years, and it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever been able to do for my children - and for myself.

With this book, I chose articles that reflected both the ups and the downs of being a stay at home mom, but with the idea that it really does make a difference to be here in their lives every day.

I made the right decision for myself to choose the path less traveled.

I've been helping women find ways to be at home with their children for many years. Because let's face it - where there's a will, there's a way. 

It may be difficult, and it may strap the family financially for awhile, but I've yet to hear from a parent who looks back at their time at home and wishes they hadn't spent so much time with their children.

It's the other way around.

So today, I want to celebrate being a Stay at Home Mother with the launch of my new book "Beautiful Noise". 

There will be a launch party happening soon, which I will be posting shortly.

In the meantime, "Beautiful Noise" can be purchased on - and will be up on Kindle soon.


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Living the Life You Deserve


SkateboardingI just had coffee with an amazing mom and entrepreneur today and like most of my "coffee dates", I came away more inspired and passionate about what I do, more than ever.

I love being a mom, and what set me on my journey to writing, being a mom entrepreneur and experiencing so much of life's gifts is because of my children. They drive me to be the best I can be for myself and for them.

I want to be a good example to my children. It's one of the reasons I chose to be at home with them. But I also wanted more - and that's ok.....

I wanted to show them that ANYTHING in life is possible - even for a stay at home mom.  I've written thousands of articles on parenthood; created, owned (and sold) a dynamic networking company that had hundreds of members, engaged in crazy adventures - and continue to try new things (like learning to skateboard at 40).;)

I love life. I love my children. And I love anyone telling me something is impossible - because let's face it, its only impossible if we tell ourselves it is.

We have one life. Are you living it to your fullest?  Are you doing something that your children can be proud of?  I love being here in my children's lives and sharing in all of their experiences, but I also love getting to achieve my own goals along the way. And I've managed to do it from the comfort of my own home. 

The concept of being a stay at home mom has evolved in to something that also recognizes the importance for us to engage in other things outside of motherhood. Something that is just for us.

Whether it is blogging, a side-business or even exercising each day - something that is just for you, and you alone. 

What are you doing now that nutures you?

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The Ease of Cutco


CutcoAs a mom, its always important for me to have the easiest tools for cooking.

I have my standard pots and pans that I rely on every day, and now, since being introduced to Cutco cutlery, its been made even easier.

The first time I used one of my Cutco knives, I was slicing some apples for snack time.

I was surprised at how amazingly sharp and easy to use it was.My apples were diced in a matter of seconds.


It made the rest of my knives pale in comparison. They appeared dull - and I can't believe how long it took me to realize the difference in quality with Cutco.

CutcoThe best part about Cutco knives is that they are guaranteed FOREVER.

How many things can you say that about in today's world? 

Plus - if any of my knives need sharpening in the future, Cutco will do the sharpening for FREE

There's also an entire line outside of the incredible knives and cutlery, like wood blocks & trays, accessories and gadgets and cookware.

And the best part? Cutco is offering job opportunities for moms who are looking to work part-time and/or to work their own hours. 

You are in charge.

If you are outgoing and have a passion to share something that helps make other moms' lives a lot easier, then Cutco is definitely a great opportunity to check out.

You can click here to view the opportunity with Cutco:


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Ringing in the New Year



As 2012 winds down and we prepare to ring in 2013, I thought it would be fitting to look back on the past year and give thanks for all I've been able to experience.

At the beginning of December, I heard about the Tumanda family and how Leonida was struck and killed in the intersection right in front of her home. The driver took off and has yet to be found. Mr. Tumanda was left to work through the loss of his wife, he also had to explain the tragic loss to their two daughters, aged 4 and 20.  

We were able to set up a trust fund for the family. In the ensuing weeks, we asked the community to come forward and help out any way they could.  And in the true spirit of Christmas, a builder came forward and offered up a house in Vancouver. The property will be used in 8 months to build on, but in the meantime, the family could have it - rent free. 

They were able to decorate it up for Christmas with the help of businesses in the community, along with furniture, clothes and presents for the family.  

And right before Christmas - they moved in to their new home. I was there to meet Mr. Tumanda in person (along with my family) and to see their new place. You can see the family in their new home here:

For me - this had to be the highlight of my year.

New YorkNext came my trip to New York. My first time visiting Times Square, the Empire State Building and Central Park.

It was incredible.

I was able to an audience member for the David Letterman Show, see Glenn Gary Glenn Ross with Al Pacino on Broadway, and even run in to Donald Trump in his building. 

I was also there during the elections, so was part of the excitement of watching the numbers come in on the big screen in Times Square.

Another memorable time of 2012 was taking my daughter to her first ever concert with Justin Bieber. 

Justin BieberShe was able to meet him in person and sit in the front row. I think it's one of her favourite memories of her life to date. ;)

During the summer I went to Las Vegas, BC's Inerior and of course, took the Disney Wonder Cruise to San Francisco and LA.


Disney CruiseThe kids haven't stopped talking about it. We also stayed 4 days in Disneyland where they were able to experience the new "Cars Land" (highly recommend it!)

Although I completed my 40 Under 40 column in June of this past year, I chose to continue writing of my adventures and travels for the newspaper. I have to admit, once you get the bug for travel and adventure - it becomes a bit addictive. :)  

What's great about this past year is not only the things I have been able to do and see - but what it has allowed my children to do and see. 

As a mother who prides herself on being at home for her children and raise them - its also a great gift to be able to take them across the globe with me and share it with readers.

This year has been a good one - who knows what lies ahead for 2013

Here's hoping much joy and happiness for all my readers tonight and for the year ahead!

To read all the adventures and travels this past year, please visit my other blog:





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Help the Tumanda Family this Holiday Season


Leonida TumandaLeonida Tumanda was struck and killed at East 43rd Avenue and Prince Edward Street in Vancouver this past Sunday night by a hit and run driver.

As a mother with two young children, my heart went out to Mr. Tumanda who is now faced with raising his two girls alone and the devastation that the family is facing right now.


With the permission of Mr. Tumanda, we’ve set up a donation account for his family...

People can now donate by going in to any TD Canada Branch and provide the TD staff with the following infomation:

Branch: 9466

Account number: 6345314

I would also like to encourage any businesses that can provide nanny services, hot food and cleaning services for this family to come forward.  If there are businesses who would like to donate a service, they can reach me directly at or #604-836-3128.

Please share this information with as many people as you can.

This is an extremely difficult time for Mr. Tumanda and his daughters, and any help we can generate from the community would be greatly appreciated.




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