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Father's Day


Father's DaySo today is Father's Day - a day to celebrate dads everywhere, and all that they do for us!

I think sometimes Dads get a bum rap, when it comes to the success of the family unit.  

Let's face it , moms are usually the ones who get the "kudos" for being the glue that holds a family together - but I beg to differ.....

I think that its BOTH the mother and the father who work hard as a team, to make a successful family.  Each brings something wonderful to their children that compliment the family dynamic to make it a solid foundation.

There are always things my children turn to my husband for help with, instead of me (and vice-versa)  and I love that.  I don't want to be the only one they turn to when they need help, have questions or want to be consoled. 

My husband and I both offer to "be there" whenever either of our children need us.  And its great that our children choose my husband and I, for different reasons, at different times.  

I am not solely the "glue" and neither is my husband. But I do appreciate that he makes up half of that glue necessary to run a happy household.

Also - just because I am the stay at home mom, doesn't necessarily mean that I'm expected to be 100% in charge of the chores.  My husband recognizes that my role goes far beyond just household duties. So he also pitches in, when I need help, to do dinners, laundry, ironing and vacuuming. 

You see, I also look after the children while he is at work, so sometimes not all the house chores get done each day. But that's ok - and he understands.  Which I love him for even more.

We are a team.

And so today, I want to celebrate my team-mate and thank him for the wonderful ways he helps our family.  He is an awesome dad.

To all the wonderful Dads out there - thank you for all that you do, and for being the other half of the important glue that binds each family!


Birthday Wishes


Birthday BoyToday is my husband's birthday. And like most birthdays, I know he will try to shrug it off, like it doesn't matter and not make a big deal over it at all.

I've known my husband for more than eighteen years, and in that time, have come to realize that birthdays to him, are simply just another day.

But I beg to differ......

Birthdays are a time to celebrate who we are, how far we have come and what lies in the year ahead.  It's also a time to allow those around us (both family and friends) to celebrate the specialness of you in their lives.

I don't know if it is a "girl" vs "guy" thing, but I do know I make a heck of a big deal over birthdays of everyone I know in my life (including my own) ;)

Today I want to celebrate my husband's birthday for the wonderful man that he is, for the amazing father that he is to his children, and caring and loving son. 

He is generous, he is kind - and he is the love of my life.  I am proud to be his wife and hope that he knows with out a doubt, that this is me, making a HUGE deal that today is his birthday and that I know my life would not have meant half as much, without him in it.

And here's the perfect song to celebrate it: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Now let's eat some cake! :) 


Before I Turn 40


39As of my 39th birthday on June 11, 2011, I will begin my mission to accomplish the pinnacle of life’s goals for myself before I turn 40 on June 11, 2012.

Why 40?

The first part of my life has been about finding out who I am and discovering my passion.  Now that I have found these things, the next phase of my life should be about fulfilling what I know will bring me joy in my life..........

I want to be able to experience all the things that I’ve saved up for another day - and start making them happen today.  And also to show people that the impossible is possible – even for a stay at home mother like myself.  And I think 40 is a great age to pin point in time for me.

So how many do I want to fulfill?

How about 40?

To share my 40 dreams to come true before I turn 40, I have created another blog that will document the next year of my life.  I encourage readers to visit and see what I have been able to accomplish, and also to post their own goals that they have achieved. 

The next year is going to be an excithing one for sure! Who's with me? :)

To check out my new blog "Before I Turn 40" - visit

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Happy Mother's Day!


mother's dayWhen I woke up this morning, I was greeted by both my children with hugs and kisses. They each had things they had made me - including cards and paintings.

I was treated to coffee in bed and a delightful breakfast (which I didn't have to make or clean up) Hurray! ;)

I also received a Starbucks card and chocolates. Although I'm not sure I really WANT the chocolates so close after Easter. Perhaps that's a gift, best enjoyed by the kids....

We later visited my mom and mother-in-law.  In the afternoon, we had a trip to Granville Island, where we took in the sights, visited the stores, and bought some spotted prawns right off the boat!  They are in season here now, so can't wait to have them for dinner tonight.

Yesterday, I spent some time with my mom and sister at the River Rock for lunch. It was fun and my mom wound up winning big on the slot machine "Wheel of Fortune". Alas, it was not my turn for Lady Luck to smile upon me, as I lost at Black Jack and the slots. :(

We also got a new SUV yesterday for the family. It's a 2011 Toyota ForeRunner. So it was nice to drive it in to Vancouver today with the kids. Lots of room and very smooth on the road.

Tonight, I hope to relax with the kids and perhaps do some writing once they are in bed. 

All in all it was a great Mother's Day - and I hope every mother out there had some much deserved TLC today - and was celebrated for the truly amazing mom you are! :)


The Fairy Tale Life


Fairy TaleSometimes things happen in life that we do not intend.

Sometimes good and sometimes bad.

For most of us - we are romantics at heart. We want the fairy tale life with the fairy tale ending. Only reality proves to us, that it isn't exactly true when we become parents.

The good and bad news about parenting is that we can be so caught up in bonding, meeting our kids’ needs, and even pleasing outsiders, that we can completely distance ourselves from our selves.  Amazing and Scary!

At some point, a healthy parent accepts that it is not possible to meet all of her child’s needs.  It’s also not possible to satisfy other adults’ expectations about parenting. 

There should be more conversations about the stages of parenting and more dialogue about how much of the impossible archetype we’re willing–and happy–to take on.

There is a simple, re-connect with our pre-mommy selves that I believe in.  It includes quiet, solitude, self-expression, healthy food, friends, and moving our body through exercise.

When I make the time and effort to do these things—despite occasional resistance from my "little obligations”—I become more whole, refreshed, and sane.  Without question, I am better for my kids and husband.

There may be no "fairy tales" in real life - but there certainly is the life we can create that make it the best possible life  for ourselves - and for our children.


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