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Today I have hit an all-time low.  I can barely walk upright with out feeling faint, and its difficult to breathe. 

What started out as a terrible, dry cough at the beginning of this week, soon developed into a fever, and chest pain with nausea.  Yesterday I was diagnosed with the flu and borderline pneumonia.  Today, its official..........

The worst part of being this sick, is the irrationality I have that I can still function.  Despite my husband (who just returned from a week-long business trip) offering to help this morning, I actually tried to get the kids off to school myself. 

However, the constant migrane and inability to get enough oxygen in to my lungs, soon forced me to bed.

This week was very challenging for me on other fronts.  I was faced with work issues (had to ask someone to run my EMN meeting for me in White Rock - thank you to Jackie - who was my angel this week for doing it).  It was a first in 4 years that I did that.

The other challenge was on the personal front (trying to get my kids off to school, lessons and keeping them entertained).  Thank GOD for my parents and my mother and father-in-law for all their help.

I received dozens of emails - some easy to answer, and others, not so easy to answer (which I tried to attempt) however, may have come off as flippant.  You see, its hard for me to tell anyone when I'm sick, so I try to just cover it up.  But this week, I don't think I did very well with covering anything up. Some may have read emails from me, thinking, "what?"  And for that, I am sorry.  

I haven't been this sick in many years and I'm not even supposed to be blogging at all (I've actually been ordered to bed rest for several days). 

And I must, if I want to recover any time soon.  

So to those who have been in contact with me this week (or haven't received a response at all) now you know why things have been a bit "muddled" on my side.

I hate to think this sickness has got the better of me, as it's hard to admit defeat.......but I am defeated........for now, at least. ;)


Busting the Perfection Myth


June CleaverThis morning I was on Breakfast Television in Vancouver to talk about the myths that moms have about being the "ideal" mom.

We took some viewer feedback and some "on the street" ideas about what makes a great mom.

The funny thing is that the things that we think would matter to our children the most, really don't.  For many viewers, it boiled down to time - ie, how much a mother gives of her time to spend with her children....

It was a great segment to do, and I think a lot of moms really feel that pressure to be that "June Cleaver" mom, despite how far we have come in 60 years.

To watch the segment about some of the myths and how to avoid falling victim to them, CLICK HERE.


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The Ultimate PR Seminar


Megaphone GirlFor many years, I have been working with Entrepreneurs, helping them  get more exposure for their business in the media. 

This year, I am offering an Ultimate one-day PR Seminar like no other...and giving business owners the knowledge that will empower them.

Here’s five reasons why media exposure is more effective than traditional advertising for your business:

1. Every positive article, every favorable one-minute clip on the early evening news, every complimentary mention in a magazine, will not cost you anywhere near the big bucks as advertising.

2. You get more audience attention with editorial coverage. Aside from being able to save advertising dollars, you gain more viewer or reader attention with every mention in the media.

3. It is more credible. It is a fact: news is more believable than advertising.

4. You can sell products through publicity.

5. Publicity can help you rise above your competition.

I have helped over 75 businesses get in to the media.  I have secured spots in BC Business Magazine, Breakfast Television, Global, Vancouver Sun, Province, National Post, CBC, 95.3 FM, 94.5 FM, 103.5 FM, and numerous community newspapers.  I have also worked within the media for the past five years.

If 2011 is your year to shine – then let's work together to put you in the spot light!

In this Seminar you will learn:

  • How to write engaging press releases
  • Receive constructive critiques 
  • How to prepare for on-camera interviews
  • How to create Strategic media relations
  • Media Interview traps to avoid
  • Learn your "rights" with the Media
  • The differences between writing for television and radio audiences
  • How to create an effective Social Media Presence
  • Plus dozens of practical tips from the Pros!

This Seminar will also include:

  • Guest speakers incl professional journalists in radio, print & tv
  • Group learning

The 2011 Ultimate PR Seminar includes lunch at the River Rock.

WHEN: Saturday, March 26th  9:00 - 4:00 pm

WHERE: River Rock Resort, Richmond

COST: Early Bird Pricing: $749  After February 5th: $949

To recieve a Registation form, please email


*Speakers will be posted shortly.


Flat Stanley


Ok - so here's the thing. My son came home the other day with two coloured cut-out pictures of "Flat Stanley".  He was assigned the task of sending out two "Flat Stanleys" to other people outside of BC, and have them take a picture of themselves with Flat Stanley, and provide some info about where they live.

Initially I thought, this is great! What a great way for kids to learn about other provinces in Canada.  But then I thought to myself....why limit it to two?.......

Until last month, I knew absolutely nothing about Montreal. The only reason I was able to visit Montreal, was because my husband's Xmas party was there.  And I have to tell you - it was absolutely amazing (as per my prior post on my trip).

Anyways, there are so many other places in Canada I know so little about. So I thought, why not see how many people we can get to participate in this project?   Why not think bigger?

So here is my challenge to my readers.

If you live in Canada (outside of BC) and are willing to take a few minutes to take a picture of yourself with Flat Stanley and share some details about where you live and send it back, I will include it on my blog here w/ your picture.  It will also be shared with the grade two class at my son's school.

This is such a great way for kids (and adults) alike to connect and learn about provinces beyond their own.

In addition, I've created a Facebook Fan page here for Canadian Flat Stanley here:

Join us!  If you are interested in participating in this adventure, email me at and I can send you a Flat Stanley image to use. 

For more info on the Flat Stanley project, visit


Time to Relax


To do listWith Christmas over and done with for another year - I feel the desperate need to relax a bit before the onslaught of a new year and all the new goals and responsibilities that go along with it.

Sometimes it is good to just take some time to relax, clear the schedule, and just appreciate having no where to be, nothing to do and to just simply "be".

I'm the kind of person who always seems to have something on the go - whether it is with my writing, my company or my children.  I tend to find it very difficult to not have something scheduled - it's a foreign feeling. 

Despite this being a foreign feeling, I am pushing myself to just "be" right now with my kids.  On our schedule this week is simply being together as a family.  We played "Clue" together this morning, ate breakfast, went to the store for some groceries, and now are headed out to do some fun activities with the children. 

Yesterday, I actually had an entire hour to myself to read a new book. Wow! That felt amazing. Really.  And coming from someone who NEVER gives herself time to be that indulgent, it felt right.

First and foremost I am a stay at home mom. I have put my children first in my life and will continue to do so.  I have been blessed enough to fit Enterprising Moms Network and my "Mom's Life" column and writing around the family.  But I have to admit, sometimes, it gets a bit "harried".

So to be able to just focus entirely for the next week on my family and not have anything "on the go" is a good thing.  

Because the new year is coming - and everything else that goes along with it.... ;)  

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