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Do you have an Opportunity for a Mom?

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Cooking with CUTCO is an exciting new venture within the CUTCO Cutlery family that gives individuals the opportunity to run their own business from home.  CUTCO has been in business since 1949 and we are the #1 Brand of Cutlery in North America! 

Our new venture, Cooking with CUTCO, combines the best of both worlds –Cutlery and Cookware!   The CUTCO Cooking Experience allows YOU to showcase our amazing products in action in the kitchen as well as educate your client on how to cook nutritious and healthy meals for their families, in a fast and cost effective manner. 

But most of all you will have a tonne of fun creating these experiences for yourself & your clients in their kitchen! This business is fun and easy - we will provide you with hands on training, video training and so much more! 

For more info on how to become a Cooking Consultant, go to cookingwithcutco.ca




Working Moms  -  Are You Fed Up and Looking for Another Option?


Is your life out of balance?

Are you sacrificing way too much in the traditional job market?

Do you have too much stress in your workplace?

Do you miss your kids?

Are you not getting paid nearly enough?

How would you feel if you could have:

  • more control over your work schedule
  • more time with your kids
  • more money
  • more of a chance to do work that has some real meaning

Well, you are not alone! More women than ever before are leaving the corporate life in favour of building their own business. And there has never been a better time for women to build a Direct Sales business.

I will teach you how to build a business from home that gives you total freedom to spend your days doing what you love.

I did it….YOU can too.

Call Lesley at 250-882-0366 or email at lmachan@shaw.ca and I will show you HOW.




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