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Through My Children's Eyes

Published: July 15, 2007

You know, what they say is true – what goes around, really does come around. When my own mother told me this when I was growing up – I don’t think I quite believed her. However the other day I witnessed my own life come full circle, and I have to admit – it was a little spooky.

It was a day like any other day when I was preparing lunch for my children. My son was playing make believe like he always does with his dinosaurs. I wasn’t really paying much attention to his games until I suddenly over heard the words “elevator” and getting on at different “floors”. I looked up and saw my son sitting between our armoire and the wall. It’s a fairly large space and could certainly double for a pretend elevator. He then motioned for his sister to come in to the space and ride up to the third floor to visit a friend.

She laughed and hopped along side of him for the ride “up”. They did this game for the next twenty minutes. It was a game he had created on his own for him and his sister.

And for that brief moment, I was suddenly transported back in time - sitting in my old house in Regina and the year is 1979.

I am inviting my two year old sister to get on the elevator I had created between our mom’s china cabinet and a wall. It was the best game that I had ever created because the elevator could take my sister and me anywhere we wanted to go.

Sometimes the elevator would take us to the fanciest hotel in the world, and sometimes it would take us to an airport to catch a plane to Hawaii. The couch doubled for the plane and the shag carpeting was the ocean. I even made up pretend airplane tickets for us and when we arrived, we would always dine in the finest restaurants. I played both the server and the flight attendant. And anytime we wanted to change where we were going – we would just hop in to our elevator and imagine a new destination.

A child’s imagination is one of the most important things to nurture and encourage when they are young. It helps them develop their creative side and not be afraid to see the world with infinite possibilities. My own mother encouraged me to pretend and use my imagination to play. It was rare that I would need anything other than our family room and my own creative mind.

And as adults, we especially need to remember these things from childhood, when we need to think “outside the box” and embrace our creative side. As children we believe in whatever we can imagine. It’s funny how we sometimes lose that ability as we get older to believe in things we cannot see and just simply imagine the possibilities. We tell ourselves to think rationally, don’t take chances and not be a day dreamer on things that seem impossible.

So many things in my own life have taught me to embrace challenges and try to do things that seem impossible – because when you do succeed at it – life becomes that much sweeter.

And when my son brought me back to the present time by inviting me to join him and his sister on the elevator ride - I graciously accepted.

I know where the elevator ride took me in my own life and who knows where it will take them. For now I just get to live this wonderful, magical ride through their eyes and see where it takes them.

Kelley Scarsbrook is a Stay at Home Mom who writes bi-weekly for Black Press. You can visit her website at www.thestayathomemother.com or email her at feedback@thestayathomemother.com