When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

Success at the Victoria Baby Fair!


BabyThe weekend and Event for me was a whirlwind filled with wonderful merchants, connecting with parents, and being on Main Stage for the two days of speaking about being a Stay at Home Mom, and how Moms can become Mom Entrepreneurs.

It was without a doubt, the most positive and uplifting Event I have attended in a very long time and my hat is off to the Producers of the Event, who made it all seem effortless.

If you weren't able to make it out - you missed a really great Event that brought parents together to learn about the latest products and services that are out there (and Trendy Tot was there too!) along with talented performers and speakers - including my fav - Erica Ehm - Canada's first female VJ on Much Music. She talked about the Secrets of the Yummy Mummy Club. And she was fantastic. :)

I spoke with CFAX 1070 Radio in Victoria about ways moms can make it financially viable to be at home with their children. And of course, being a mom entrepreneur, and having your own business, is certainly one of the answers that are out there for moms.

I will have both the talks that I gave in Victoria available on my website in the next week or so for any interested moms who missed it. So check back soon.

And more exciting info about Enterprising Moms Network Inc. coming shortly!

Now I just have to catch up on my sleep from the weekend in Victoria - and I'll be good to go.....;)


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