When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

Birthday Bash


second birthdayIt's my daughter's second birthday today and I can't wait for her to see all the decorations and gifts that have been hidden for the past two weeks in our garage.

The theme of her birthday is "Princess", so everything had to be chosen with a princess on it. Although, to be honest, I think it was more me who chose the theme this year than her....

And yes - I am a huge kid at heart.

But I think she is still trying to grasp the whole "concept" of having a birthday. Although she does know she is turning two and that something exciting is going to be happening today because she keeps running to the fridge to take another look at her "Princess" cake.

Although we were still a little slow at getting everything together (due to Christmas just ending) - I still managed to have it all prepared for today. And I did it this week on my own!!! (my husband is still on his trip to Vegas but will be returning later today for the birthday party).

I'm actually glad that her birthday is today and not when it was originally predicated - which was closer to the beginning of January. I didn't want to have a New Year's Baby, or be any where near Christmas. There's just so much excitement going on around those holidays - that a birthday sometimes gets lost amongst them (as well as getting cheated out of gifts!!!)

I really tried to do "minimal" this year with the decorations - but as usual - couldn't help myself to go big. I even found this great, huge princess balloon that sings when you "tap" it. Ah yes- there's a sucker born every minute...and I think the cashier could see me coming a mile away. LOL.

So let the party begin - and will share some of it with you in my next blog.

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