When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

Before I became A Mother

Published: May 11, 2008

Before I Became A Mother:

I was able to have a bath, dry my hair and brush my teeth everyday. I could sleep in and stay up as late as I wanted.

I was able to read an entire book without interruption.

I had an impeccably clean house. I never stumbled over toys or found peanut butter and jam smudges on my furniture.

I never had child-proof locks on my cabinets and doors - or a gate for my staircase.

I never had difficulty finding an outfit that was void of any spit-up or food.

I never suffered from “zoning out” from a lack of sleep. Because when I did sleep – it was all night.

I never cared about the content on television or how many graphic images were shown. I never counted how many inappropriate words were used during a TV program.

I never read the labels on food boxes and cans.

I never cut up someone else’s meat and vegetables for them.

I was able to eat an entire meal without having to share it or have it go cold.

I never had to train someone else to use the bathroom.

I never worried about getting immunization shots or regular check ups.

I never had to hold the hand of a terrified child at the doctors, while they received a needle. I never looked into crying eyes and cried myself.

I never felt so completely helpless when I couldn't stop the hurt, and wished the hurt on me instead.

I never experienced such joy and happiness over the simple smile of a child.

I never broke down in tears at hearing a baby’s first word or watching the first step that a child took.

I never held a baby throughout an entire day - or night, for the simple reason that I wanted to be close to them.

I never knew a baby could smell so good.

I never knew I could sing or actually remembered words to childhood songs and stories.

I never knew all the “Wiggles” by their first name or who “Sponge Bob” was.

I never realized how fast time really goes.

I never knew that I would want to change the entire path of my life to accommodate a child.

I never knew that something so small could make my life seem so much larger and important.

I never knew that one child would make me so happy that I would want to have another.

I never knew motherhood would mean so much.

Kelley Scarsbrook is a proud Stay at Home Mom who writes bi-weekly for Black Press. You can visit her websites at www.thestayathomemother.com www.enterprisingmomsnetwork.com