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Too Much Fun in the Sun?


sunbathingSo yesterday we had an absolutely gorgeous day in the Lower Mainland - hitting almost 30 degrees out in White Rock where we live. It was a day that many Vancouverites have been waiting for, for quite some time.

Because of the exceptional weather, we spent the morning at the beach in White Rock for breakfast with the kids - giving them time to bask in the sun, run in the surf and get absolutely soaked - and get sand in every place imaginable!

In the afternoon, the kids played in the back yard, running through the sprinkler and shooting each other with their water guns.

As for me - I lied out on the rarely-used recliner and took in some rays.

In the evening, I could feel heat radiating through my body. I discovered, much to my dismay, that I soaked in a few too many rays. When I looked in our mirror, I found a very red face staring back at me.

We all know the sun is extremely bad for our skin - and I apparently had remembered to slather suntan lotion on everyone except myself.

As a blonde with very fair skin, a burn can look almost comical - and I would be laughing, if it didn't hurt so much. My face is still tender today, as well as my chest, and there are marks on my face where my oh -so-smart sunglasses were.

Chalk it up to an overly excited mom who couldn't wait to have some time to herself to relax and enjoy the sunshine - next time, I'll remember the 40 lotion BEFORE the enjoyment...

And how was your weekend? ;0

FYI - If you are trying to figure out some fun summer time toys for the kids - the Canadian Toys Association just unveiled all their latest and greatest toys for summer this week - you can view the clip here - CLICK HERE 

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