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wineSo tomorrow is my birthday and it seems that the older I get - the less I want to broadcast my age. However, I always said I NEVER wanted to become one of those women who never said how old she was - so in keeping with that - tomorrow I turn the ripe old age of 36.

I think the biggest problem with turning 36 is that I am no longer in my true mid-thirties. Now, I am infact closer to 40 than ever before, and despite what everyone says about 40 being the "new 30" - it still bothers the heck out of me...

It seems as though now that I have children, time is ticking by even faster. When I look at them sometimes and see how fast they are growing, I see how fast time really goes.

Don't you remember when you were a kid and time seemed to go s-o-o-o slowly?.....it was almost as if it stood still.

I can close my eyes and see myself at Ethel Milliken elementary school in Regina, Saskatchewan, waiting to finally go in to grade six, and then seven and then wow, really? Grade Eight!

Maybe that is part of the wonderful thing about being a kid - it appears as though you have all the time in the world....

But as adults we know better.

Today for instance, I had to take my son for his first day to experience kindergarten. He doesn't start until the fall, but today was about introducing it to him. And he at first, requested that I hold his hand and not to let go at the school - but as soon as he found a friend (which was in the first five minutes) my hand was the furthest from his thoughts...but it wasn't from mine.

I think the hardest part of raising a child are the times when you have the courage and the strength to just let them go and trust they will be absolutely fine....and he was.

So tomorrow - will I be any wiser? Hmmm - that I don't know.

What I do know is I'll definately be a little older than I am today - and a little more appreciative of "Underwire" and "Spanx". ;)

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