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Sore throatSo I think I am coming down with tonsillitis. I just got over the flu after I returned home from our family vacation last week. Can you imagine having this during summer? Unbelievable. My son had tonsillitis about three weeks ago, and still has a lingering sore throat, but to be honest - I really don't get sick. So getting hit twice in just over a week, is a bit much for me.

And today, was a happy occasion, my younger sister was celebrating her birthday and we had a birthday dinner with the family over at my house. But it really wiped me out....

And we all know what happens when mom gets sick - things don't get done the way they are supposed to. As a stay at home mom, my children are in a very specific routine and it drives me crazy when they are out of routine during the day - not to mention my house chores go a bit awry...

Husbands do try and pitch in and help (as mine does when I am sick) but it just doesn't get done the way I would do it (of course!) and the children get to put Daddy to the test and try to slip a fast one by him...ie Once my son told my husband that I allowed him gum in the mornings. Yeah right!

But there's nothing that can be done - when you are sick you are sick. So I think I'll hit the doctor's tomorrow and see if I can't get rid of this virus as soon as possible. In the meantime, I won't be exercising at Bootcamp or doing anything too strenuous. I just get to deal with a very raw, sore throat - and very little voice (I think the children will enjoy that part)

And to ease the pain? I did some research and the old remedies that my own mom used to tell me as a child, still hold true....gargle with warm, salt water and drink warm beverages like tea, and things like popsicals can also feel good on the throat too.

I'll try it all - and take a couple of Advil for good measure!

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