When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

Three times a Princess


FairySo yesterday was my daughter's third birthday. I think I am still in shock that she turned three. My only wish for her, was that she would have a great day.

And it was a wonderful day for her - as we had planned each minute of the day out in detail.

In the morning, she was able to pick her breakfast and spend some leisurely time with her brother. In the afternoon, her brother headed off to another birthday party at a local gym to allow for some special alone time for her with mommy and daddy....that's when the real fun began.....

We took her out for lunch at Boston Pizza where she was able to have our full attention. After she indulged in pizza, we went to pick up her balloons. I had purchased her a "singing balloon" bouquet, which we could barely fit in the car. I have NEVER seen a balloon that big in my life! She was absolutely thrilled. At home, we played games and listened to the balloon (over and over again) before going and picking up her brother.

When we picked up her brother, we were suprised to find him with a "shiner" after accidentally hitting his face in to a metal bar at the gym.

He appeared to be fine and in good spirits, so that was the main thing. I just prayed that it wouldn't develop in to a black eye for his sister's birthday pictures that night (it didn't).

When guests arrived in the evening - they were treated to a magical, princess evening, complete with hats, blowers and a princess fairy cake.

My daughter was absolutely thrilled with her birthday party and loved being the centre of attention (I have no idea where she gets that from).

We listened to the balloon sing happy birthday princess all through the night and in to today. A singing balloon is a great idea - but after awhile the "thrill" of it wears off fairly quickly for a parent - trust me.

I am still trying to get the tune out of my head at 11pm the following night.

All my supplies this year for her birthday came from the Dollar Store. I was able to get all her plates, hats, blowers, napkins and balloons from there for a magical fairy princess birthday - including a magical fairy princess special hat, complete with a veil and a wand to go with it for less than $30.00.

So the birthday is finally over and my daughter is now on to playing with all of her new toys.

Now my only wish is that the remaining pieces of princess cake will disappear magically from our fridge.

My waistline can't take much more after the holidays.


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