When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

Mom - I'm Bored!


bored kidFor the next few days, I am on my own. My husband is on a business trip and I am finding it challenging to keep both my five year old son and my three year old daughter entertained.

Usually during the day, I am the one responsible for keeping them busy and getting them to their classes and playdates.

In the evenings, my husband takes over and plans some things for them - however, now that its just me this week, I'm finding it a bit challenging to keep them occupied....

For instance, both of their classes (one is in soccer, and the other is in ballet) were cancelled this week. Apparently both of their teachers were sick with the flu. So of course, that left me in a lurch trying to find something that would help them work off their energy. We opted for the playground on both of those days, so they could play with their friends and run around.

Today, I took them to a local park with a picnic basket in tow. It was cold, but I bundled them up to keep them warm. They were having fun on the swings and slide, and I even encouraged them to play superheros. Which by the way - both of them love to do - that is - until my daughter used her superhero foot to kick my son in the face.

It wouldn't have been so bad, if she hadn't really kicked him so hard that his nose bled. My son isn't really a crier, so when he started crying, I knew he was hurt pretty badly.

So we all piled back in the car and headed home.

We weren't five minutes home when my son uttered those words that all parents cringe to hear "Mom - I'm bored!".

It would appear his nose was feeling much better.

So this afternoon, we did colouring, playing on the Wii and princess. We are now headed out for a walk to burn off a little more energy they have still stored up.

I want them to sleep soundly tonight - because mommy is REALLY worn out already and I've still got five more days to keep them entertained. Plus, lucky me, my son's school has "pro-d" day on Monday, so he will be at home with me the whole day instead of kindergarten.

Although I am a stay at home mom, I do look forward to my husband taking time to be with them, and allowing me some time on my own.

My hat is off to single parents everywhere, who have to do this on their own every day!

If you have some suggestions on how to keep kids entertained, send them my way and we can include them here for parents who are looking for ideas.

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