When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

BC Children's Hospital


handSo the saga continues in our household as the flu didn't truly leave - but rather clung on, and reappeared just when I thought it was safe to leave the house to take on the world again.

My daughter started vomitting on Friday night again, and became noticably dispondent. She originally had the flu on Tuesday night, and it had all but disappeared by Wednesday night (except for the diarrhea). However, she quickly became dehydrated, despite being plied with pedialytes. And as she grew more lethargic by the minute - we took her to the BC Children's Hospital for observation. And much to our dismay, were told to "hunker down" as we wouldn't be leaving any time soon.....

She was put on an IV and monitored overnight. I stayed with her while my husband went home to sleep to return in the morning (no point in having two cranky parents the next day).

There were so many children who were sick that night.

I heard screams that nobody wants to hear in the middle of the night from children who were more than just sick - but near death's door.

One particular voice screamed out over and over again in the hallway at 3:30am. As I lied awake in the cot beside my daughter holding her little hand in mine, the voice screamed out in agony; crying hysterically. No one should ever be in that much pain; let alone a child.

I was later told in the light of the morning that the boy had escaped from the trauma room. His little body was "seizing" and he had wound up in front of our hospital door about to die.

But they saved him.

I have never experienced hearing such pain from a child, and as I squeezed my daughter's hand in that moment - I remember feeling very small. Although my daughter's dehydration from the flu was serious and needed to be monitored by hospital staff - it certainly wasn't in the realm of what was going on with the little boy across from us.

My prayers are for him and his family and their strength to move forward from that night. I never saw the boy, but his screams that night will never be forgotten in my mind.

The staff at the hopital were amazing though and professional at all times. The caring and compassion that they had for all the children was so wonderful.

After that night we had to return to the hospital today for monitoring again. And although she is still recovering, she seems to be on the mend (again).

This flu bug also struck my mother-in-law and she is now recovering from it. She was generous enough to help us when we needed her and my father-in-law to watch over one of our children while the other was sick - and unfortunately in doing so, contracted this terrible flu as well.

If you haven't already been doing this - keep your children's hands washed at all times, when ever you are out. Keep sanitized wipees in your purse and don't take your children anywhere if you can help it where there will be large groups of kids (Chuck E Cheese, etc). This month is a terrible one for viruses like this one - and it's a bad one to contract because of how severe it can be.

I wish all my readers a healthy month ahead for you and your children.





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