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Valentine's Day


Valentine's DayValentine's day is the day for lovers everywhere to celebrate their love, and for us married folk, to at least, give a nod to our beloved, that they make a difference in our world.

For men (especially the married ones) it is a day for them to be creative, suprise their significant other and try to figure out what the heck they should be doing for us on the most romantic day of the year - but us women? We've had it figured out since we were in preschool.....

We know dinner out, flowers, walk along the beach, a spa day for him and her, or even something that sparkles or is a sweet indulgence rates high on our list of "do's".

Things that don't rate so high on our list, are things like items for the kitchen, things that are practical, time out alone or god forbid, not even a mention of the day.

Yes, we know this is the most commercial day of the year (Xmas aside) and we know that things are more costly on this day - but it doesn't matter, try for heavens sake to make us feel special just a little bit, right?!

This year, we are having a Valentine Day for family members. I have been planning it for weeks. It is a combination of tacky (for the kids) and shiek (for the adults). I have combined upscale china with Valentine's day signs from the dollar store. :)

My son picked the theme - "Red and Wild". We have great finger food for the adults and fun food for the children. Every woman gets a rose, and every man get a chocolate covered marshmellow heart.

We've been sick for so long in my household, that it feels really good to celebrate tomorrow with lots of love and laughter.

So here's hoping your Valentine's Day is one that is memorable - or at the very least - one that isn't too forgettable. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!