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Whistler Family Magic


WhistlerSo I just returned from Whistler with the family.

We left on Tuesday and drove up to stay at the Chateau Whistler (click here to view Hotel) - which was offering a great deal on their rooms for mid-week stay.

I was a bit stressed about the drive; as the last time I had been up to Whistler I felt like I was living dangerously. There were too many narrow lanes, tailgaters and speeders surrounding me.

However - this drive was different - and it wasn't the only thing that I found surprising....

Due to the 2010 Olympics coming our way in six short months - the roads have been improved dramatically with two lane driving almost all the way up the mountain.

We weren't in a hurry to get to Whistler, so we took the time to stop off and see some of the amazing water falls along the way including the specatular Brandywine Falls (click here to view) and Shannon Falls (click here to view)

Once we got up to Whistler, we were greeted by the friendly staff at the Chateau Whistler (who by the way, are mostly comprised of Australians who are working up there). The staff was accomodating and helpful whenever we needed something or had questions.

Outside of our Hotel, was an amazing children's adventure zone in the village - (click here to view). It had everything for kids including a Luge ride, a climbing wall, a Sky Bungy Trampoline (my three year old daughter's favourite ride), Hot Wheelz electric go carting and pony rides -among many, many others.

The cost is a bit pricey, but kept the children happy and active each day. We bought ten rides for each of them, and they were able to use the ride pass throughout the duration of our stay.

The Hotel had a fun pool that was both indoor/outdoor. My daughter loved to swim indoors and then venture outside through the plastic door to the main pool outside. The Hotel also boasts four hot tubs and a pool service that brings both kid drinks and "mommy/daddy" drinks, right to where you are swimming.

They also provided fun "floaties" for the kids in the pool and life jackets, so they could float along without us contantly worrying about holding them while they swam.

Although the night life is fairly limited for families (usually most restaurants don't allow children after 7pm or 8pm due to the Whistler snowboarding crowd who hit the restaurant/pubs around this time) - we still managed to get some great eats.

Recommended places to eat with kids - check out this website which features many of the ones we went to (click here).

We enjoyed our hotel stay so much that we decided to stay an extra day. We spent time in the village visiting the many shops and capped our final night there with a movie in with the kids - Monsters vs. Aliens. Which by the way - is a great cartoon for both kids and adults alike (click here to view the trailer).

On our way home, we stopped off at the BC Museum of Mining - just outside Squamish on the Sea to Sky Highway (click here to view). The kids loved it as they could get up-close to a towering mining truck, take a ride deep in to the mining tunnel on a train, and learn all about mining from many years ago. They even were able to do a bit of gold panning at the end of the tour.

What a great way to end our vacation. The weather was also fantastic during our entire stay at Whistler.

Who knew you could have so much fun on a Mountain and never once go skiing?! ;)

We only skimmed the surface of all the amazing things you can do with your family on the Mountain.

To learn more about Whistler and all the fun activities during the summer and winter - visit http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com

One of the best vacations I have ever had with the family - and would have stayed even longer if I could!


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