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Is Twitter killing the Mom Blogger?


twitterI have found since discovering Twitter, that my blogging hasn't been as frequent. What started off as a desperate move to avoid Twitter at every cost three months ago, has now become a daily ritual in my life desperate be a part of it.

Perhaps there are many reasons Twitter has become so popular in the last eight months - it allows you to communicate in short bites of information, you can stay in the loop with people and companies that you are really interested in - most most of all, it keeps you connected to people all over the world with various opinions, experiences and lifestyles....

Twitter is beyond just your 140 characters that you "tweet" for others to read - but rather, it is about listening and retweeting what others have to say about things.

There is a common courtesy among twitterers that if you have someone who follows you, you should follow them. However, since more and more people are signing up for Twitter, the ability or the desire to follow EVERY ONE is waning.

For me, I like to follow other moms who have interesting things to say. I will follow if they have frequent tweets, offer interesting opinions and whom I have a general interest getting to know.

I also like to follow companies, shows and personalities whom I have a connection with, either because I'm using their product or that I like what they do. And if they are a company, they definitely need to have a person's voice (not an entity's voice). Meaning - tweet more than just about themselves, but offer up interesting tidbits too.

If you haven't tried out Twitter - I encourage you to try it out - I guarantee you will be hooked.

And I promise that more blogging is coming up - even I get tired of 140 characters - because as a writer, I always have so much more to say LOL. :)

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