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Taking Time For Me


woman runningWhether you have children who are newborn or in elementary school and beyond - sometimes it's so easy to get wrapped up in our children's lives that we forget about us.

Many moms I have spoken to on the topic of "Me-Time" have either dismissed it as though they don't need it, or that its selfish to even factor themselves in to the family equation. Some also claim that they just don't have the time to do the things they want to for themselves anymore and put it off to do "down the road".

Sound familiar? 

The fact is "Mommy time" is just as important for the sanity of you, as it is for the sanity of the entire family unit...

You see, as women; we tend to fill our plate with others needs and wants first - and forget that our needs are just as important to be on that very same plate.

For me - two things I let slip off my plate were exercising (I love to run) and reading. And despite the fact that my husband would urge me to get back to running, I kept resisting saying I simply didn't have the time.

"Make the time", he would urge me.

So in June, after a particularly low-day, I decided to factor me back on to the plate.

I started back exercising 5 days a week. And I began reading again each night for 1/2 hour before bed.

My husband instantly saw a change in me. "You're happier", he commented to me just the other day. "The effects have been dramatic".

Really?! Perhaps he was exaggerating a bit?

Turns out he wasn't.

Because I allowed myself time to re-energize and do something that I loved, I returned back home and re-engergized the family.

You see- when we put ourselves back on the plate - it fills not only us, but everyone else around us.

If you are having problems giving yourself some “me-time” there is a group that can help. Mama Renew helps moms who need to reclaim, reconnect and rebalance as a woman and mother.

Topics include identity, self-care, life balance, relationship changes, and getting the support you need.

As a stay at home mom, Mama Renew will help you dedicate one morning or evening per month to You. Many participants find that taking the time to focus on themselves creates greater balance and clarity for the month to come. Six month groups begin in September and October around the Lower Mainland in BC. Groups are designed for seasoned mothers with children ages one - eighteen years.

Visit http://www.mamarenew.ca/blog/mama-renew/ to learn more.


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