When they asked the little girl where her home was she replied - Where mother is

Another Year Older


girlAnother year has gone by in my life and I have to say - its been quite a year. 

There's been some curve balls that have been thrown at me, that made me reassess everything in my life.

Sometimes life doesn't always hand us exactly what we expect, and while we struggle to figure out why at the time- fate has planned it that way...But my life has taken another dramatic turn in the last few months - handing me the writing opportunity of a lifetime.  And I'm running full steam ahead with it. 

I'm more committed as a stay at home mom and "enterprising mom" now, more than ever.

And I've got some great surprises in store to share with readers in the coming months. 

And as today is my birthday, I am celebrating all the wonderful things in my life not only today - but in the future days, for both me and my family.

My latest article, which I'm sure will get parents talking, is about earlier education for children under the age of five; will be out on stands this Tuesday.

In the meantime - enjoy this clip from one of my favourite movies. It speaks to my point of the absurdity of having children take their "careers" as students too seriously. Enjoy!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH