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The Shabby Apple Dress Give-Away


Shabby Apple






















 I am thrilled to be able to host this dress give-away contest for Shabby Apple, a dress company that is run by women like us. 

After years of not being able to find stylish dresses that covered enough skin to make you really feel comfortable (without wearing a tank top, cardigan or long slip), owners Emily and CK decided to do something about it....

They visited trade shows, marketplaces and designer studios only to discover the problem was not that department stores weren't buying the right dresses, but that designers weren't designing them.

Shabby Apple is proud to offer women fantastic dresses that allow us to look fabulous, without having to compromise anything else.

One winner will be selected to win one Bali Ha''I' dress from Shabby Apple's NEW spring collection, valued at $78.00 US - http://tinyurl.com/4my8yb5


In order to enter, please RETWEET the following message on Twitter:

I want to win a Shabby Apple dress from the Stay at Home Mother @empoweringmoms http://tinyurl.com/yzolyd9 #sahm

and you will be automatically entered to win.  




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A winner will be randomly selected on March 14th at 5:00 PST

To view Shabby Apple's wide selection of women's dresses visit www.shabbyapple.com and join thier Facebook Fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shabby-Apple/56291792791







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