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Before I Turn 40


39As of my 39th birthday on June 11, 2011, I will begin my mission to accomplish the pinnacle of life’s goals for myself before I turn 40 on June 11, 2012.

Why 40?

The first part of my life has been about finding out who I am and discovering my passion.  Now that I have found these things, the next phase of my life should be about fulfilling what I know will bring me joy in my life..........

I want to be able to experience all the things that I’ve saved up for another day - and start making them happen today.  And also to show people that the impossible is possible – even for a stay at home mother like myself.  And I think 40 is a great age to pin point in time for me.

So how many do I want to fulfill?

How about 40?

To share my 40 dreams to come true before I turn 40, I have created another blog that will document the next year of my life.  I encourage readers to visit and see what I have been able to accomplish, and also to post their own goals that they have achieved. 

The next year is going to be an excithing one for sure! Who's with me? :)

To check out my new blog "Before I Turn 40" - visit http://kelleyscarsbrook.blogspot.com/

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