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Back in the Swing of Things


Back to School

With the kids back in school this month, I've discovered that it has put everyone in our household back in to a good routine.

During the summer months, the kids were able to stay up later, eat a lot of sweet treats and have dinner at the "continental" time of 8pm.  

Now that they have to get up at 7:00am every morning and go to school for the day, it has helped put their schedule back on track....

We had to prepare them for the harsh reality that they could no longer stay up until 10 or 10:30 but had to go to bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9:00. We gradually did this by 15 minute increments. ie- In bed at 10:00, then in bed at 9:45 the next night, etc. So by the time school rolled around, we were back to a nornmal time.

Plus I found that with the kids' schedule back to normal, my own went back to normal. I was able to enjoy some of the evening to myself with them in bed earlier (instead of all of us heading to bed at the same time).

I'm now able to get a run in each morning, walk the dog, and do some writing. 

The children also seem more grounded, more purposeful when they get up. They like knowing what the day holds, and whether they will admit it or not -  thrive off of routine. 

September is a good month to pick up where we left off in June. Here's to a wonderful school year for children (and their parents too!)

And also fingers crossed that we can avert a strike by BC teachers this month, so that this new found routine, isn't all for naught!



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