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4 Angels Beauty Care welcomes you with open arms


4 Angels

When I first entered 4 Angels Beauty Care located on 1342 Burrard Street in Vancouver, I was immediately taken back by the sheer beauty of the salon. It felt like I'd walked in to a small piece of heaven, enveloped in azure blue.

4 AngelsWhat's more, is that the owners Navkiran "Kiran" Sokhi and Kulwinder Malhi, greet all their clients with a hug. And with the day I was having, it was perfect timing! ;)

As best friends, both Kiran and Kulwinder have 35 years combined experience in the beauty industry.  Kiran is a Master Brow Specialist who trained many of the city's brow sculptors over the last three years..

They opened their doors in the summer of 2013, and have had tremendous success with their establishment. Their specialties services are waxing, relaxation massages and facials. 

I could hardly wait to try out my 4 Angelsservices, which included an Illu-mini facial with an Indian Head Massage and EyeBrow threading. 

From the moment I laid my head back, I felt relaxed. The Illu-Mini facial was fantastic, and left my skin feeling very soft and supple. This was something that had been an issue for me for quite some time (dry skin is rampant right now with our weather). I inquired what products they use to make my skin so soft (and rid me of some of my soft wrinkles around my eyes). I was told it was France Laure skincare that they used.

After my facial, my face was wrapped in warm towels. The perfect end to a wonderful, relaxing facial. Then, my Indian Head Massage began. And if you are not familiar with it, you HAVE to try it. 

4 AngelsThe head massage (which helps heal aching shoulders, a tight neck, tension headache, eye strain and stress) includes oil being rubbed in to the scalp - you can choose from castor oil, almond oil, olive oil or baby oil (scent-free).

I had almond oil and it was bliss. Although I don't recommed you have anywhere to go afterwards due to the oil in your hair, I do highly recommend this treatment for anyone looking for a great way to unwind.

And finally, my brow threading. It's a unique way to rid yourself of those unsightly brow hair that's gone awry. Within minutes, their threading cleaned me up perfectly. There is no pain, no mess from wax and what's best is that they educate you on your brows. But what would you expect from one of the best teachers in the business?  

There was a girl who was sitting next to me who had come for her very first brow visit. After receiving her treatment, she couldn't stop gushing over her eyebrows. 

4 AngelsWhat's even better, is their prices. So reasonable, considering the experience that both these women have to offer up to their clients. 

I left purchasing the skin cream from France Laure they used on me, and the promise I will be returning soon, with my mom in tow. She's gonna love this place. ;)

Oh, and I also got a hug on my way out too. Who knew a spa could also be the best place to arrive feeling welcomed, but also leave feeling like family. :)

To check out all their services and prices, visit their website here:



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