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Jamie MacDonald's Heroic journey across Canada



If you have not had the pleasure of learning about Jamie MacDonald's story, please let me introduce you to this inspiring, brave and dedicated young man.

I learned about him a few months ago, as he was in the middle of his Canadian trek across Canada.  He was running, unassisted, to raise money for Children's hospitals in each province he ran across.

So where did he come from and why is he doing it? His story is quite amazing...

As a child, Jamie was in and out of Gloucester Royal hospital in the UK for nine years with a rare spinal condition known as syringomyelia, as well as a very weak immune system, and the Pied Piper’s help was invaluable. He also spent a great deal of time at Great Ormond Street.

JamieOn March 9th 2013, Jamie began his attempt to run Canada coast to coast, more than 5,000 miles unassisted, jointly raising money in aid of UK charities Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and the Pied Piper Appeal and children’s hospitals throughout Canada.

He’ll become the first person in history to run it alone if he completes it, facing snow storms, -40°C temperatures and grizzly bears, all whilst pushing his belongings in a baby stroller nicknamed Caesar.

He will be arriving in Vancouver on Monday, February 3rd. The details of his arrival (which I will be attending) can be found here:


I've also booked him to come and speak at our school at South Meridian next Thursday at 12:45. I can't wait for the kids to meet him.

I'm also working on a great celebration for him this coming Friday, February 7th in Vancouver. I will be posting details shortly and encourage anyone who would like to meet this amazing UK man, to join us on Friday. :)

In the meantime, You can read more about his adventures on his website here and also to donate:





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