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Today I have hit an all-time low.  I can barely walk upright with out feeling faint, and its difficult to breathe. 

What started out as a terrible, dry cough at the beginning of this week, soon developed into a fever, and chest pain with nausea.  Yesterday I was diagnosed with the flu and borderline pneumonia.  Today, its official..........


The Attack of the Flu Bug


BugThis weekend, I had plans to throw a little "Super Bowl" party for my family. It really wasn't going to be a BIG party, but rather just making it fun for my children with snacks and watching a little of the game (my son is a big football fan).

However, this weekend, was not to be - as my son was stricken with a terrible flu, throwing up a whopping 37 times. Who knew that was even possible?.....

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A Battle Lost


SickLast week my son came down with a terrible cold/flu. Five days ago my mom came down with it, then my daughter, then my husband and now - yes, you guessed it - I have it.

The worst part is, I have been desperately trying to work through it - fight it. I kept working, I kept all my appointments with various things throughout the week - I never rested, protected myself and now I am stuck with laryngitis, a high fever and a terrible chest cold - now what happens?....

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